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The AUTOmaniac!

Today (18/02/2010) was as busy as any other day at the front gate of Technopark by 09:00 am. I was standing near the auto stand opposite to the front gate and there were 3 other ladies too waiting for auto alongside me.Suddenly couple of autos fled to the spot in a fancy manner and I am sure they are coming …

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Insomnia on the rise among IT engineers?

A new study has found that an increasing number of software engineers in India are suffering from insomnia and have poor quality of life. Sara Sarrafi Zadeh and Khyrunnisa Begum from the University of Mysore showed that poor sleep has a bearing on quality of life – affecting physical and mental health in particular – in this group with high …

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Technopark – The Best Investment in Kerala!

World-class office spaces. Technopark, though only a decade old, is home to 170 companies and 25,000 employees. Global IT majors-Infosys, Allianz Cornhill, Ernst & Young , Mckinesy & Co ,US Software ,RM Plc, Tata Elxsi, IBS,  Sherston ,IVL , NeST-have all moved onto Technopark, thanks to the unmatched advantage that the park offers. Smooth stat-up. Excellent infrastructure. Inspiring ambience. Unique factors …

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How to Start/Setup a Company?

Most of the IT companies are founded by youngsters, and no doubt they are multi-millionaires today!.  Indian economy will be booming for the next couple of decades, and demand for new technology companies are still increasing. In a study conducted by World Bank, India at 120 among 178 economies,based on ease of doing business,and 111 on starting a business. The …

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Why your manager always engaged in Meetings?

Meetings: Where minutes are kept and hours are lost. Every techie has asked this question – why am I put in so many unnecessary meetings by my manager? Here is the answer: it is the only visible engagement of the manager. Didn’t get it? What is a software professionals’ output? His code. The testers’ output? His test report. The leads’ …

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