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Abandoned Vehicles in Technopark?

Its noted that a number of  abandoned vehicles are there in many of the parking places in Technopark. and now a bike –seems to be abandoned and unclaimed for the past couple of months is seen in Nila parking area.

The bike is covered with weeds and shrubs .This indicates that vehicle is lying unclaimed for a period of time . Its a serious security lapse as  the TP securities have failed to notice this motor cycle lying unclaimed for  past 3- 4 months. Some techies says this is a security lapse or an issue needs to be addressed.

It says more than a dozen of such vehicles seen in technopark in last couple of years. and some of them disappeared one fine morning.

Many cars and bikes are there in technopark without any claims for many months. We need some formal mechanisms to inform the company or the security team or the administration office in technopark if someone is leaving his vehicle unattended for a long time.

Update: This bike disappeared from the parking space!

courtesy: techie_06


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  1. I think this is a serious matter than we think. If this vehicle is involved in any crime and if they are using technopark as a safer place to hide this vehicle? then what will happen?

    Also, If you keep vehicles like this, and anyone can take it easily. I doubted if there any mechanisms to inform if you leave office for a couple of weeks.

  2. There is a Pajero parked in slot 100 in tejaswini -4. Too expensive a vehicle to be abandoned but it seems to be unattended since months :-S

  3. Good..this is the true power of Citizen Journalism. see how many vehicles are there kept unattended in Technopark parking slots. friends, please report such incidents here… good to see such a change…ture power of a media….

  4. Many cars/bikes are there unattented for a long time, probably for many months in various buildings in Technopark. Some of my friends were saying there was a discussion in their company about such a car, which is parked in Bhavani parking space.

    What these people think about Technopark? is it a safe place to park their car and go for months? Who will pay for such things? parking space is taken by individual companies, but they are not charging to the employees I think. So such people are misusing the facility by parking their car, and that make the existing parking issues worse.

    Already there is a big parking problem in Nila, Bhavani and Tejaswini, if people are park their car and go, how others can park their cars? such people should be penalized heavily. then only it will come to an end.

  5. There is a Pajero parked in slot 100 in tejaswini -4. Too expensive a vehicle to be abandoned but it seems to be unattended since months :-S

    One more thing, is anything being done about the empty parking lots in -4 Thejaswini….nothing I guess!
    Way to go!

  6. A Maharashtra registration Tata Indigo (silver color ) in bhavani parking slot, un attented for months it seems. people says the owner went to onsite. So he consider the common parking slot as his own garage?

    Senseless people…