Monday , 28 May 2018
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Thieves in Technopark! > It is reported that, there are bicycle thieves in Technopark.  some of the cycles belongs to the Technopark Bicycle Club ( TBC ) have gone missing for almost a month.

A few days ago, there was a theft attempt made by the employees of a private bus, which is hired by a prominent company in Technopark campus. Though the techies and official set alarms, the poor inefficient security guards in technopark could not catch the thief!!!. There are clean evidences given by the techies about the cleaner ,driver and a few others of that bus who involved in this robbery.

The owner of the bus said “Both the driver and cleaner have been fired, and will take them to the police station”. But nobody knows what is the status of his promise, or whether this entire episode is conducted with his knowledge.

It is estimated that half a dozen bicycles are missing.  Techies are very much concerned about such incidents, because they were effectively utilizing this green idea from the inaugural day itself.



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  1. Anybody know which company’s bus and the other details of the people, who are involved in this incident? this is a shame for technopark…..

  2. Shame for techies..shame for technopark

  3. It is very cheap to do such acts… Which company is that… We should follow up on that…dont blame the techies for this..

  4. @Reporter,
    Y you are afraid off ? Please share the company name and bus’s identity.

  5. First of all, its our duty to keep an eye on our own things. for what these securities are there? it was a much awaited concept that bicycles for the techies to commute in technopark., we’ve got it and all the luxury like they allowed us to take the cycles outside the campus too. but what we are doing?

    I’d seen so many incidents like the techies are misusing this bicycles. like carrying two in bicycles with flatten tires, and not properly locking and keeping like that. we should more responsible.

  6. I liked the phrase “the poor inefficient security guards in technopark”.

    There is no point in revealing the company name because the robbers are not their direct staff.