Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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Awake Technopark!!!

A few things that we observed for so long to whom-so-ever concerned

India houses it’s largest and Asia’s greenest IT park in GOD’s own country – Technopark. A very hectic world of over 30,000 working professionals; a campus having trendy cars, stylish bikes, latest gadgets; gives the impression to the public as “An arena of lush living people!”

Changing governments are also very much touched on its yearly growth, as it’s a profound in-flow generator of foreign economy.Perhaps, to an extent or probably does someone care its effective security standards? As far as the present security measures are concerned, let the GOD itself save all of us in Technopark!

Are the current security measures effective?

The affair on the proper security system of Technopark has been discussed so many times, but we are yet to
find a positive end-result. Hereby, we mean no offense on the security personnel who’re sustained all over the park and on the Authority who did post them all over. It’s all about Effectiveness! All the deployed officials are capable enough, but being humans, they all have their own limits in cross-checking all these 30,000 heads & their vehicles to make sure whether they belong to the huge park community or not. Are they effective?

The peak time of employees/vehicles entering & exiting the park is one of the difficult time-slots for the securities to manage is what we’ve seen so far; still on. Along with employees, lots of other people/outsiders enter this campus to see what this so called “World” actually is. Entry intention could be for a good or bad cause. Who knows?

The fellow security officials wouldn’t be able to stare on any of a particular ID card alone for so long to check if it’s valid or not, as lots of vehicles/pedestrians are consecutively following like ants. So what they’ll do is, they’ll quickly wave their hands, permitting them to go in. Belike, countless mankind would’ve entered so far.

These outsiders enter the park in many ways.

o Possibly, as a rider /co-rider along with a park employee in his bike. Some people are very clever enough to show some hastiness by pretending that “Oh! I’ve the ID in my pocket; let me take that out to show for you while I ride my bike in one hand”. The poor security guy will see this and say GO, thinking “This guy would-be having the ID card, and if he falls down riding his bike in one hand, the ‘job’ will all be ours. So, better let him go”.

o In a car along with a park employee. Some souls even drive their car faster like in Fast & Furious movie, by jumping above the hump placed near main gate & will show his purse & will drive inside faster than never before. The security guy would be standing near main/rear gate wondered scratching his head recalling the things that had happened just now on that car/driver/employee!!!

o In KSRTC buses, VOLVOS etc. In addition, just an ID card show of the actual employee or a mere ‘ATM card’ show-up by any others in the car will do to meet up the actual work description of the securities placed at each gates. Even students from various colleges are entering this campus (without interview call letters) seeking jobs in their own cars by just showing their student ID cards which are valid only in their own educational campus. How strange?

We might laugh these stuffs out guys, but these ongoing things once will become serious! These scenarios should at least by now be given some importance.

Terrorism has an easy target – Technopark

Kerala is never free from the evil eyes of terrorism. There is no doubt that the radical elements would aim Technopark first if they ever plan to launch an attack in Kerala. The terrorist attacks are not planned in a day or two and would’ve planned probably years before by marking, watching or observing on the strength of security measures that has been implemented across.

Simple instance: A mock terror attack performed by the Kerala police inside the park a few months back is known to outside world only when they busted a cracker near Bhavani. The security measures were deemed ‘Poor’ marked the security measures that time. Newspapers were given a chance to draft fun of it.

This shouldn’t be the case from now on; rather, it’s high time to effectively execute new plans from the old paper! Changing the security group all together would not help achieving the desired purpose. We should be pro-active enough to be in a position to foresee or track and prevent any terror risks with modern technology. Authorities concerned, should take a note of this.

Ways to sneak into park buildings

Security guards would have been deployed at the main entrance of each building in the park to check the identity of persons seeking entry. Sadly they do not realize that the restaurants working at any floors would’ve entry doors from outside without any guarding. Any strangers who wish to make an unauthorized entry to the building can easily walk through these restaurants unnoticed, which is a serious security lapse. Sadly all companies having their own campus have a restaurant facility available these days.

The park campus does not have all round security fencing, enabling easy intrusions unobserved. This in-turn negates the security arrangements at main gate entrances. The park also allows free entries for laborers, union workers, people accompanying load & cargo carrying vehicles. A thorough check on this area will also help minimizing unauthorized entries to the campus. In short, unless the whole security measures of the campus are laid right, the company-wise posted security would go credibly valueless.

We would like to conclude this message with a proverb – ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Another new re-loaded version – “Do wake up from open-eye drowsiness”. If not, somehow we all are going to pay in no time! So without questioning the integrity of this campus, the real question arises; ‘Are we safe enough?’

Please do share the other likely security breaches all around that you might have also observed. Let us make this a secured “world” to work!
– Adarsh, TechnoparkToday.com


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  1. very good observation and analysis. we need to be more serious and careful it seems.

  2. Good work… thank u Adarsh….

  3. Good work adarsh. these are the real factors, and nobody is noticing this.we all are awaiting for something to happen. then all in a sudden everyone will sit together and discuss.

    better to start early to adapt the security practices, and as you said prevention is better than cure…

  4. Thanks to Adarsh and TechnoparkToday team for raising this really debatable subject. “Let us make this a secured “world” to work!”

  5. A must do activity by the Technopark authorities long before itself. As Adarsf mentioned, Prevention is better than cure. Technopark securities can see how Infosys campus securities are securing their campus as a reference.

  6. Gr8 work Adharsh!!!

    But will this ease the work of terrorist? They will be happy to use these loop holes to intrude 😉

    Just a thought!

  7. Thanks for the comments. Whether terrorist noticed these things years before or not is just a side of the coin. Still now, we are somewhat safe due to God’s grace. It’s easy to awake the sleepy, not the one who pretends to be. We are just trying to wake those guys up. Its like, now or never!

  8. Will technopark authorities get a chance to read this article?

  9. The latest news i heard is that, it has reached the ears of CEO, Technopark. Let see..

  10. Thought provoking article, Adarsh. Hope authority would take a wise action. Its already late, but still, better late than never!!!

  11. very good article. it has been a concern for years. but now things are different. and technopark would be the prime target of any such anti social activities because it is a big economical importance. and many of the youths are also working here.

    so a fool proof security needed to be implemented in workplaces like technopark.
    superb article, kudos to adarsh and technoparktoday.com

  12. This is a great initiative….Kudos to Adharsh.

    Before getting a job in technopark I have entered in here with my college ID a lot of times and some times even with my Driver’s license, actually you dont need this much too…… all you have to do is just take a string and hang it around your neck and place the other end inside your shirt pocket,that will make you an AUTHORISED PERSONNEL!!!!

  13. Same happening, even now also. A string visible in ones neck for the security means, a park employee. Even a mobile carrier string tip kept just outside ones pocket also means the same for security 🙂

  14. Adv.Anu V.Nambalikkaran

    Nice . It is a Welcome Development to see such Proactive, Vigilant and Responsible minds at Work @ Technopark. Well done Adharsh.

    How many Feel the same way?

    If you need, we at Rampart Services are willing to take up this responsibility for you. As a gesture of good will.

    Come foreward all ye who feel Your Life and Work place @ Technopark, need to be more Secure. Tell us what is bothering you in very few words. write to TPT itself.

    We will design the Best, Fool-Proof, User friendly, Long Lasting, Perfect and Comprehensive Security System for The Technopark. One that will put to rest all your security and Safety Concerns.

    Oh, rest assured that we can deliver what we claim, for we have already done a project similar to this, but much bigger for ‘The Richest Man In The World’- Sree Anantha Padmanabha Swamy @ Thiruananthapuram.

    Interested ?…….

  15. That sounds good. here the problem was technopark or the techies knwoing what are the problems are, but no idea on how to resolve them or how to make our workplace a more secure and foolproof place.

    thanks for jumping in mr. anu, and offering us some help. we really appreciate it. and we believe we together brainstorm and find all the loopholes and give you a better picture to design a good security eco system in technopark – the biggest working place in kerala.

    guys, share your thoughts too

  16. Adarsh-thanks for bringing it up coz most others are only talking about Technopark in a hyped manner overlooking the actual issues surrounding the park. But again this is nothing new, the security I mean. Even after the mock security drill which was good material for laughter for a few days, the pathetic security measures continue to exist. Having worked in large MNCs in Bangalore and Kochi Infopark, I think this setup is a joke. You can easily drive through by waving your hand as if you are picking up the card from your pocket. You can also show them a bank card or a pack of cigarretes as is the joke around the park.
    every other IT park you have thorough screening. You know the other day I was standing at the entrance to one of the buildings waiting for someone around 830AM and this guy came on a scooter and screamed at the security guys “do not allow anyone inside today without proper IDs, there are mufti policemen checking on us”

    Such is the attitude. If there are cops checking, you do a good job. Else, look for a Waving Arm Pretending to Look for something inside the Pocket!

  17. Is that scooter, a black Honda Activa? A middle aged man who has a spec with bald head? Then probably its the same person i have in my mind for sure!!!

  18. I think he is in some of the responsible role for security in technopark. anyway, they have the limitations, may be the fund/resource/and planning

    We need to implement world class security and security equipment to protect and watch the entire campus in a 24 x 7 model. we need to get trained security people.

    First of all the basic attitude of us and technopark people needs to be changed.

  19. Yes it takes a lot of effort in implementing highly secure entry. But its high time that we raise and respond to the situation. I have experienced/noticed the same scenarios as Adash has pointed out. Its better late than never.

  20. binu janardhanan

    This is the high time to think about the security in technopark. better late than never.

  21. Another TP Slave

    First we have to cooperate with securities, we don’t respect them when they ask for ID cards.. we don’t even bother to stop our car or bike at the main gate when they stop us.. its not only their responsibility.. its ours too.. we should realize that they are posted for our security and only if we show respect to them we will get it back. if the Securities become too strict checks at gates.. we will be first people to oppose it.. so its everyone responsibility!!

  22. you said it my friend. most of us are ashamed of stop our vehicle and show our identity card, when a security stop us in front of gate. we will show our face to them and we ask them who are they to stop us.

    The problem is I think, people will respect only when they some men in uniform and a weapon. did you ever ask this to the people in duty in airport or in infosys campus nearby? you will know the taste of the real medicine.

    So It is our duty and responsibility to co operate with them, and on the same time the technopark should seriously think about a very good fool proof security system and security solution. They can ask for some security experts help ( I think some professional security agencies offered their help in this comments itself..scroll up..). So utilize the expertise in this domain and implement the secure system inside the technopark campus to address the threats and risks effectively.

  23. Why can’t the TP think of implementing RF IDs to cars and vehicles authorized by Technopark, so that they need not check each and every vehicle.

    The idea is to have RF-id receivers in the range of 10m between the gates and alarm setup could be made in the security office room if an unauthorized vehicle comes into the range there by stopping or diverting the vehicle at the gate for passes..

    Also it’s hard time we make the road from Bhavani to Thejeswini as One way..people could use the other road from Chandragiri building to make exit to the main gate from the buildings in and around park center.

    Let’s think of “IT” ways…..

  24. Technopark security should be tightened. also it is reported that, many of the security persons deployed in technopark is even involved in criminal cases.

    There should be some background checking for the security people, before deploying them in technopark. It should be the responsibility of the security company as well as the technopark and individual companies who is employing the securities.

    right now technopark owns some security manpower companies like third eye, and a couple of ex-service men for the building security. Individual companies are putting from G4S and other private security man power companies. In essence there is no authority to decide the criterias of security measures inside such a big campus. there should be some central authority and control in each and every small thing happening with in the technopark.

  25. Not only the securities the Cab drivers, cleaning people, other workers etc…

  26. One easy remedy which can be implemented fast is

    An access card swiping system at all the entries of technopark.In bangalore, chennai IT parks they have the access card swiping at the gate itself and the security personnel just have to make sure that it is done by every one.

    Here also all the registered company access cards can be used for the same.
    Well it is not a 100% fool proof system but it will be effective to some extend.

  27. Giri, by swiping the access cards of different companies how the security can ensure that the employee is genuine? see in technopark there are 30000+ members and different companies have different cards ( Passive cards may be) then any cards can read it, or the cards needed to be registred once??

    then what about the other people?

  28. Some thing should be done here at the earliest. We are like inviting huge risk day by day. Once this day by day, will shorten to a DAY. I don’t want that day to happen or sen, My lord. Someone hearing our pathetic screaming, you TP authorities ????

  29. Another mock drill today (July27th) exposed how one can enter with explosives inside the technopark campus and leave it right in front of the security

  30. Wanna see and experience lunar landscape. Please have a visit to the Technopark Back gate road connecting Technopark and NH47, thanks to PWD.

  31. Please remove this post as it is an open invitation for any unauthorized person to enter TP.

  32. sensible work!

  33. @sathyajit, no need to change it. its a public secret which is known to even kids in trivandrum.

  34. Yes, no need to remove. Let authorities read this article and make necessary security precurtions… or corrections!

  35. Technopark is a public business place with in India. Security concerns about that place is as important as any place in India including parliment where too such “These outsiders enter the in many ways”.


  36. No need to remove it, and did anyone noticed the security which is provided for the Infosys SEZ campus, which is hardly 2km away from technopark and actually an extension of it?

    If Infosys campus can do it, technopark can also do. Why it is getting delayed is nobody is there to take an action on it.

    Heard that they are going to put a police station inside. What difference it makes? Nothing. some policemen will get a place to sleep and get boozed at night. and they can even ‘mouthlook’ the girls in technopark for free of cost.

    If we are serious about security, do something else.