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Vellai Pookal – Thriller Movie from a group of US Techies>> Vellaipookal – A tamil suspense thriller movie released on 19th April 2019, is now on the blockbluster list. Actor Vivek takes on the lead role and plays Rudhran, a retd Police Officer from Chennai.

The film is directed by Vivek Elangovan and produced by TentKotta & Indus Creations – a Media/Performance arts group based out of Seattle USA. Indus creations was founded in 2005. It comprises a group of tech expats from India, primarily software engineers and technology leaders who work at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook.

Vellai pookal has the distinction of being shot almost entirely in the US. The story is set in the beautiful city of Seattle. The movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end. The movie has been received extremely well with rave reviews from critiques.

Indus Creations has been contributing to the Indian society for the past 14 years and has raised funds in crores for various charity organizations focusing on welfare initiatives.

“The movie for sure will take to the heights of excitement & suspense and a must watch for all” : says Kavitha – film viewer in US.


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