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TEDx Thiruvananthapuram on 20th January 2019

The TEDx Thiruvananthapuram 2019 Edition will be conducted on 20th January 2019, at UST Global campus, at Technovalley Trivandrum.

This year’s theme for TEDxThiruvananthapuram is RESILIENCE.

TEDx going to have a fantastic line up of speakers – Dreamers, Doers, Technologists, Social Workers, and Entrepreneurs, – each of whom has a unique idea that they have been working on for several years and from whom we can collectively learn from.

In keeping up with the TED theme, The speakers are all selected for their idea rather than just a popular name with no significant take away for the community.

Early bird tickets are now available for a limited time. After which, the tickets rates would increase. book your tickets online at


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