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Techies Promote Healthy Eating Habits

DBG weightloss>> IT jobs comes with a lot of perks and one such attraction in DBG is the unlimited food. With refrigerators and oven to induction cookers to make your own food, with ulimited cookies and snacks to free soft drinks, soups and beverages, it can rightly be said “food is everywhere”. This is probably something what the food loving tech savvy folks have always wanted.

However to the others who are more health conscious, the company has started a 7 day healthy diet program. Along with shedding some kilos, this would also help them detoxify the body, make them feel good and improve the mental state and attitude. Over these 7 days of the dieting program, employees would eat from the office where all food would be made available for all the participants.

Weight gets tracked three times a day and real time progress is updated and made available to all of them. To make this weight loss management program more fun, points and badges are rewarded to the employees. Every day a winner gets selected based on the total points and weight loss percentage and the leaderboard gets updated.   As per the DBG Weight Watcher coordinator, the event winner at the end of day 7 is in for a real big surprise gift.

There is also optional yoga, elliptical training and exercise which they could opt for. Till date in less than just a week, the 14 participants together have lost more than 30kg.

dgbweightlossThe gamified version of the weight loss program, the first of its kind in Technopark, has got a lot of attention from other similar IT firms and employees. Hopefully this would help more people to come forward to eating and staying healthy.

Update:  After 7 days of tight competition, DBG Weight Watchers Title goes to Mr. Sreekanth Ravindran. 



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  1. All the best guys…You proved that anything is possible if we are putting some serious efforts on that.