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Let this not happen to you!

In the wake of recent tragedy where a 23-year-old was raped and murdered during a train journey, many felt the necessity to address the issue women’s safety.  Sadly, Women’s security is of secondary important even at Technopark, where thousands of educated women are working.   Technoparktoday has raised several issues in the past regarding this; however, it fell on deaf ears.

Lack of streetlights at the road connecting Technopark and Kazhakootam lies as a proof of our apathy towards women’s security.   The presence of migrant construction laborers, a toddy shop, and a liquor bar in the area are increasing the risk factor.   It seems we are waiting for something like Soumya’s case to happen so that they can act!

Another issue is the lack of proper transportation facilities. Some companies are providing transportation facilities for employees, especially for those who work at odd hours.   But if someone misses the cab or bus, she will have to face lot of trouble, and cab won’t go to some of the routes.  The only option in this condition is to depend the autorikshaws or just walk by holding the life in their hands.  Some of our friends had suffered bad behavior from their part in the past.

Some of the recent incidents show that women employees of Technopark are not safe.

A girl, who is an employee of Technopark-based firm, has to travel in an auto as she left office at 8.30 p.m. instead of the usual time 8 p.m. The girl took auto near Sasthamangalam, to reach her place of stay. During the journey, she noted that the autodriver was taking a wrong route. When she questioned him, he stopped the auto at a nearby side road and tried to attack her. It was a rape attempt and she cried loudly but nobody were there to help, luckily she managed to escape with injuries and she lost her bag.  The company, later, filed a complaint to the police,But She resigned the company and left kerala soon after that.

A north Indian girl, an employee of Technopark, was followed by a stranger when she was going out through the park’s backgate.  The guy started teasing her.  The frightened girl took refuge in a nearby house.

Another shocking event was, a working girl in night shift had a bad experience from one of the cleaning staff in the office. At last, her colleagues warned the guy and that made an end to the issue.

Many girls will have more similar experiences to tell and many of our working women facing such attempts of molestation in public, sometimes when you are going back to your hostel/home after work, sometimes on the way to your native place during weekend, in the bus, train, autos, streets etc…

So many criminals and psychos are in our society and around every one of us, we don’t know when they attack you. Sometimes, you may be very lucky to not get any attention of them yet. But, there is no guarantee. Technopark or your company can do a very limited help on this. If something happened to you, everyone will empathies you. The ultimate lose and pain is to you and your family.  So your personal security is your own responsibility.  So you have to take extra care on how to avoid such risks or how to react when you face such a threat.

Let’s do what we can to avoid this menace.  In this situation, Technoparktoday is taking the initiative to do a self defense awareness campaign.  In association with a leading personal security service provider, we are launching a slew of programs that is expected to help our lady employees in many ways. 
As a startup of this campaign, Technoparktoday conducting self defense awareness sessions in companies FREE of cost. In that seminar, the security experts will teach you how to avoid any risky situations and how to react when you are in such a dangerous situation, and many tips, tricks, and accessories to save your life from the criminals in our society.

Interested companies can send your request to [email protected] and we will get back to you with the details.

Also, Let’s think about some quick solutions. there are several mechanisms and products which is very popular in western countries for the purpose of personal safety and defense, and Pepper Spray is one of the most popular , effective, and cheaper solution.

Pepper Spray is a strong concentrate of chili- pepper in an aerosol spray having 5-7 Ft range.   If someone is coming towards to you with a bad intention in any of the situation, just apply the pepper spray to the attacker. When sprayed on the face of the attacker, it puts him out of action for at least 30 minutes, leaving you enough time to run away, call police, or get help.   It is very handy and specially designed for ladies. It will fit in your wallet and it can be carried and operated very easily.

Now, TechnoparkToday, in association with Rampart Services, one of the leading security consultancy companies is providing Pepper Spray for your safety. Log into the Technopark Today Store to place your order.  We will take the initiative to deliver “Pepper Spray” at your place.

Be Safe!


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  1. very good initiative. this is a great warning for every one of us. and i too wanted a pepper spray. placed an order in store. hope i will get it soon. thanks once again.

  2. can u pls sell the sprays at bhavani/nila porticos??

  3. Thanks! At least one person raised voice 🙂

    What u said is the right thing…Women are still not safe….

    I was got a feeling that, Kerala is far better when compared to Bglr or Hyd…but all these especially Soumya’s incident proves that its not…..

    Me too wanted that pepper spray….but no idea from where???

  4. Really good. the need of this hour. our women are not safe especially in public. they are facing harrassments in roads market bus and every where. It is our responsibility to equip them to face such challenges.

    Appreciating the efforts of technoparktoday team to take up this very important matter in the very needy hour.

    Looking forward to hear more information and updates about it.

  5. Thanks for taking this issue now. i’m sure many gals faced similar incidents around technopark. I also faced many times and once it was very severe, i was walking through the back gate to my hostel, it was around 6.45 pm and nobody was around, i was bit afraid, and then called one of my friends in hostel to get some courage.

    soon after i turned the back gate turning to the karyavattom campus road, i felt someone is coming behind me, when i looked back i saw a person and he was walking towards me. i was really afraid and i was thinking if i have something in my hand to resisit, even a knife. he came and try to grab me, but i resist with my hand, and my phone fell down, and i cried loudly. then he ran away.

    but at that time i wasnt aware about the pepper spray you were talking about. i’m sure many of the girls might be faced similar situation. the problem is that kind of incident is, that will hurt you than anything. you are becoming a victim of such sick people. and its kind of harrassment both in terms of physically and mentally. It causes some deep depression in girls and that kind of incidents should not be repeated at any cost.

    Pepper spray is a good option for girls like us i think. still I thik it is not very late to get one. so that i can defend myself and once they know the taste of this, such cowards wont dare to attack any girls.

    thanks to the team for giving us such an idea. hope i can get it soon.

    thank you

  6. Selva_technoparK_madurai

    Pepper spray is good idea.

    Poor lighting especially during nights inside technopark are giving enough opportunity to miscreants and anti-social elements for doing their act.Lights installed at key places are not functioning. Those which are functioning are not having enough intensity. Such lights (tube lights inside lanterns) have to replaced with more brighter Sodium vapor lamps. This is not to say about lighting outside the technopark, which is complete dark.

    University area is the most insecure place for people to move around. Some solution has to be find to make it more secure for women. I wonder what kind of academic environment is offered by kerala university. Normally Universities are great places, where people of high culture, intellect freely move around at any point of time . Not like kerala university, which looks deserted after 5.00 PM.

    More security men should be deployed at university gate. A Police station inside or nearby technopark is very much required. Demand is already there. But authorities are turning deaf ears.

    Instead of maintaining infrastructure and demanding more infrastructure, authorities and well wishers of technopark, are shedding crocodile tears, for not getting good investments and so called anti-technopark lobby activities.

    Bangalore is city where women can walk freely even at 12.00 midnight. People in Bangalore are very cosmopolitan and adaptive to any culture.
    Whether it is western,eastern or anything.Technopark and trivandrum in particular needs to draw lot of lessons from People of Bangalore.

    Most of lights inside technopark are not functioning. Those few

  7. The biggest danger is the bar there in front of technopark. as everyone knows, tha BAR/liquor shop is the meeting place of the criminals in everyplace. many girls faced very bad experience while they are walking through the bypass road, even some boys are also got hurt by the drunken criminals.

    Isnt there any laws like, the BARs should be in a specific distance from such institutions like technopark? Technopark is a professional institution with 30000 workforce and half of them are ladies.

    anyway, lets think and respond about it. thanks for the website to take up such a very important issue in to the public.

  8. pepper spray good not only for girls, but it is a safety mechanism for guys too. when you are travelling alone in late nights, or when you are going through a very strange place, there is a big chance of being robbered. pepper spray is the most effective method to save yourself from all those kind of attacks. most of the foreigners are using it. and here in banks, shops and petrol pumps, cashiers are using the pepper spray. It is the most effective method to avoid a crime situation. and for ladies it is a must now a days.

  9. some tips to use pepper spray

    Walk with your pepper spray in your hand when in a situation where you feel you may need it. Do not leave your pepper spray in an inaccessible place (buried in your purse, for instance). Keep the pepper spray bottle in your hand with your thumb on the nozzle ready to use it at a second’s notice.

    Step back immediately from an attacker to put space between you. Immediately hold your arm outstretched in front of you and aim the pepper spray bottle at the attacker’s face

    •Push the nozzle of the pepper spray down to begin spraying. Aim directly for the attacker’s face to spray pepper spray at the eyes and mucous membranes.

    Move your arm back and forth while continuing to spray, to create a barrier of spray between you and the attacker.

  10. Ladies are not safe anywhere. especially in kerala. I worked in metros like Hyderabad and bangalore for so many years, and I didnt faced any bad experience. but it happened to me in the very first week when i moved to trivandrum for my work.

    I was staying in kesavadasapuram, and one day it was about 6.30 Pm only, i was on the way back to my apartment, from the bus stop, someone was walking opposite to me, and he appeard drunken and i was really alert when i saw him. he try to hold me and i was really shocked and i pushed him back, but he was not ready to go away, i ran and i fell down in front of the gate and i was crying. i told this incident to the secutiry there, he went and looked but found nobody. But now i think if i had any thing in my hand like pepper spray. i could have use. but i enquired in many places, but no shops were selling it.

    I think every girl should equip herself with some defense mechanisms like pepper spray or an electric batten or whatever which can give you security. as this article said nobody knows when you needed it.

    thank you tehcnoparktoday for spreading such an awareness. i ordered for two pepper sprays, hope you can deliver it in my office.

  11. very nice initiative…Its very needed in now a days. our complete support.

  12. These incidents are really shocking. our girls are facing serious harrassment in their daily lives. It is the time to think seriously about it.

  13. Thanks for such a very useful article. we are thinking about it when we hear some mishaps are happening. I personally know many girls working in technopark abused by the people, while they are on the roads or even within technopark.

    Girls should be careful about such attacks, and they have to equip themselves to react and stop such kind of incidents.

    normally what happen is girls wont react or they may not be getting any means to react in such situations. but if you have something like pepper spray, you can apply it and such cowards wont come to attack any of the girls in future.

  14. Adv. Anu Nambalikkaran

    We are happy to know that our Products and Services are useful to a lot of people.

    Any kind of assistance if required can be provided to people in need .

    please click on the blog link below to learn all about Pepper Spray.

    Rampart Services, Kerala.

  15. Nothing will happen..this will come to a sudden stop as it started. again this topic will come up when another heartbreaking incident occur. This is India and we are in Kerala. Here Politicians just know how to make money..Police knows how to torture innocent people..if someone is raising their voice especillay a girl.. THATS IT.. She will be tortured and blamed by everyone…her remaining life will be in HELL.Nothing is going to change because nobody is intersetd to take a risk..eveyone is busy with their life… When such things hapens na? the pain is enromous.. the memories of bad experices will chace you each and evry day.; every moment.. Pray to God that all the men in this world should be women in their next life- to feel it and to understand it.

  16. Attack towards women is getting increased now a days, for instance yesterday in trivandrum city, two men were trying to molest a lady right in the heart of city (Palayam-Statue stretch) on the day time. the lady and her husband informed the police without any delay.

    The culprits were trying to flee in an autorickshaw first and then trying to board a private bus, however the central control room monitoring team were able to track them down within minutes.

    Hats-off to City Police Commissioner, M.R.Ajithkumar and the entire Trivandrum Police team for the good work.

    The awareness of the lady and her husband helped them to track and catch those anti socials. this incidents shows us we are secure, if we are alert, and if we know what are the rights and what to do when such a situation.

  17. Also covered well in Big News

  18. santhosh visawanathan


    girls can buy pistols,revolvers and shoot.

  19. Pepper spray is nery handy for girls. Every last particular person who utilised this device ought to know the keys to helpful use of pepper spray. Timing and recognizing a possible risk and knowing when it becomes an assault! Exactly when you deliver a pepper spray to bear on an assailant can be crucial to the final result of a state of affairs. Initially you have to make sure the pepper spray is readily offered and, second, by means of apply you can provide it to bear on the assailant swiftly and accurately.