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Isha Yoga Surya Kriya @ Technopark – Nov 13th, 2014): Surya Kriya is a powerful process of activating the sun within you. Sun is in every aspect of whatever you see on this planet. Fundamentally it is solar energy which is driving life on this planet. And that is so even within your body. So when we do Surya Kriya we want to generate that energy within the system.

Surya Kriya has spiritual intentions and powerful connotations attached to it. When we activate the sun within the system, the body begins to glow and shine.

The purpose of Surya Kriya is to generate your prana in such a way that it radiates like the sun. It is designed in such a way that it makes you radiate; your energies simply radiate.

Few of the many benefits of Surya Kriya :

1. Increases concentration, memory, Learning and focus ability, Brings emotional balance. Reduces anxiety and tension.
2. Maintains high energy levels throughout the day. Enhances clarity ,alertness and restores youthfulness.
3. Strengthens limbs, joints and muscles. Improves performance & health of internal organs.
4. Balances hormone secretion. Normalizes body weight. Assists in speedy recovery chronic diseases, prevents new diseases.
5. Strengthens Immune system and Increases resistance to cold, fever and allergies.
6. Enhances Body – Mind coordination and brings heightened states of body awareness.
7. Provides a strong platform to experience and conduct higher aspects of spiritual dimensions and meditativeness

All sessions are mandatory. Since the seats are limited there will be no spot registration. Pre registration is mandatory. For Registration and details 7736202936/9497430066.

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