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Secure your Google account with two step verification

Quick question: how many sites have access to your google account? None? Think again. Have you given your google username/password to Facebook to find your friends? Do you use a service like ebuddy/fring? Have you desisted from checking your mails at a public browsing centre because you are aren’t sure whether any key loggers have been installed? You can now …

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Twitter says NO to third party applications

Twitter is clamping down on third party applications and the API tokens that they have previously given out for applications to receive and send tweets from the application. Although they haven’t completely stopped third party applications from working with their service they have however pushed the standard that the applications must meet up. Twitter’s growth has been phenomenal. 140 million …

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Firefox for mobile

Mozila released firefox for mobile, in the latest release BETA 4.0, they incorporated all the featured to make it a big hit. In the latest release, there are many changes for perormance enhancements. It also primarily focused on continuing to improve stability and performance.Firefox for mobiel available for Android 2.0 and higher devices as well as Nokia’s Maemo running N900. …

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Apple to celebrate Steve’s Bday with new MacBook Pros

Apple – The world’s No.1 brand for computing and accessories, celebrates the birthday of  Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and chief executive, turns 56 on February 24. And all signs from within the company suggest that it will use that day — a Thursday as opposed to the traditional Tuesday — to unveil the new notebooks, according to people familiar with …

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OpenSource Alternatives to MS Office

Ever you wanted to move out from MS Office, by one or other reason? Here are some free and high quality alternatives to MS Office: OpenOffice is one of the most well-known office software suites. It is currently available in 110 languages , and can run on a system with lower specs, making it perfect for netbooks and older computers. It also works on most operating …

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How to Turn your mobile phone into a WiFi Router?

Did you know that you can turn your WiFi-compatible mobile phone to act like a WiFi router instead? If your mobile phone is 3G-enabled, you may not even need your WiFi router. You can have broadband speeds in your laptop without buying a USB 3G modem card. Your 3G-less iPad/iPod can use the 3G connection here in India to go …

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