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Krav Maga Training Camp Coming in Trivandrum

Good news for self defence enthusiasts, Its Official. The real Krav-Maga Expert is coming to Town, to give you training in Krav-maga, the most modern Self Defense known to humankind.

Krav-maga Intensive Practitioner Level training camp is going to be conducted in Trivandrum, form 20th August to 26th August 2012.

The camp will be conducted by the Chief Instructor, Mr. Vikram Kapoor , Of Ultimate Tactical and Combat Ltd, New Delhi( who is the Authorised trainer of Krav-Maga approved by the Israeli Defense Force( IDF).

What is Krav maga?

The essence of Krav-Maga is purely tactical self-defense and surviving a real-life violent confrontation. This can be under any conditions in the street, at home, at office, at the battle field or any other environment, regardless whether it is during a civil, law enforcement, terrorist or military type scenario. Our purpose is not to compete with someone who wears tightly fitting satin pants and fights in a ring or cage for a living. Whereas the common attacker and street hooligan has no morals, decency or honorable agenta, they are just up to causing trouble. For such conflict in real life Krav-Maga is the solution. Krav-maga has no rules like many martial arts, that means there are no referees also and includes biting, gouging the eyes, using incidental objects as weapons, breaking small joints and striking effectively with all available body weapons. It is pure survival training against any kind of problems and in reality that is what Krav-Maga is all about.
All krav-maga training is done under expert supervision and protective body gears, so there is no chance for injuries.
This is a real treat for the Martial arts Enthusiasts/ Self Defense Enthusiasts/ Fitness Enthusiasts alike. Men, Women and Children can easily learn Krav-Maga and make use of it in their life time.

What you’ll learn in this Camp:
1. Stances and Movements
2. Straight Punches
3. Circular Punches
4. Punches with Directional Movement
5. Elbow Strikes – Horizontal & Vertical Strikes
6. Hammer Punches
7. Kicks
8. Leg Defenses against Kicks
9. Hand Defenses v/s Kicks
10. Outside Defenses (“360”)
11. Outside Defenses against Punches
12. Inside Defenses v/s Straight Punches
13. Inside Defense (with arm or forearm) against Straight Punches
14. Release from Chokes
15. Release from Headlock
16. Release from Bear Hugs – Arms Free / Arms Caught
17. Release Wrist / Hand Grabs
18. Defense against Knife Threats
19. Defense against an Attacker charging with a Knife (over 2m distance)
20. Ways of Getting up from the ground
21. Releases while on the ground
22. Dealing with falls
23. Using Common Objects as Weapons for Self-Defense
24. Simulation and Tactics
25. Kubutan Training.

You’ll also receive Internationally acclaimed Certification too.

For all your enquiries Contact:
Anandh : 9995098500.
Adv. Anu V. Nambalikkaran : 9447079852.
Vikram Kapoor ( Delhi) : 09810412442.

You can also write to
1. [email protected]
2. [email protected]


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