Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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Kerala Police trap paedophiles in cyberspace with the support of techies at Cyberdome

TechnoparkToday.com>> Cyberdome, an initiative of Kerala police which operates with the support of technical experts from Technopark, has unearthed a major group involved in child pornography. Under operation P-HUNT-17.01, the police and experts in Cyberdome conducted a major search for pedophiles and realized that they had shifted from common cyberspaces such as facebook and whatsapp groups to Telegram, which is worked in a more clandestine manner. They were engaged in propagation of child pornography.

The experts have found that admin of around 37 such channels in Telegram is a Malayali, operating under the name MLPM. The Cybderdome team headed by Manoj Abrahm IPS, has found out a Telegram channel named Poombatta, which was engaged in sharing of child pornography videos and photos. Based on the direction of Manoj Abraham IPS, the cyber intelligence wing of Cyberdome headed by operations officer Prakash SP conducted an investigation around the admin. The details were handed over to Malappuram SP for further investigation.

Watching and sharing of child pornographic images and videos are crime and Cyberdome is taking all steps to nab the criminals. It is learnt that discussions in some channels were about technical details of the functioning of cyber wing of police and presence of techies are suspected in such groups.



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