Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Election 2011 and VS

>>Comrade VS will contest the coming assembly elections, if his party gives the needed green signal.  Last time, his contesting was marked by much controversy since his opponents in the party had taken all measures to prevent him from contesting, but later due to unprecedented pressure from the cadres and die hard fans fully fanned by mainstream media, the Politburo after lengthy discussions asked VS to contest.  For the party, that was clear deviation from the “they claimed Marxist -Leninist” line.  When our democracy is on the toes of Social Democratic setup, somewhat similar to the European Union countries, voters at large of our democracy had not bothered much about the “Yes-No-Yes” decision of CPI(M)and voted VS to power overwhelmingly. Despite the internal pressures and his inexperience as an administrator, he was able to perform well.  Although the Ministry failed to take decisions in crucial matters collectively, individually most ministers are rated as star performers and have taken the state from nowhere to somewhere.  The efforts of Home Ministry to weed out large scale corruption, nepotism, and political interferences from the Police are well appreciated by the political think tanks of our country and no wonder the state was awarded the best law and order maintained state.  There is a great awakening among the left about the need for better roads. Usually, road construction was handed over to any coalition partners, which consider it as their milch cow gifted by the senior partners for supporting them as per the coalition-dharma.  Now, after learning from past experiences a concerted effort is being done to revamp the existing roads and construct new ones considering the ever rising traffic on the roads. The plan allocation of many crore is one of the decisions taken in this direction.  That way Comrade VS has many points to be proud of his tenure.  The past five years have seen many proactive policies from this government to provide the much needed boosting to develop IT sector. IT investors are finding Kerala friendlier. Software exports have grown almost three times the national average. For IT, the future roles of VS will be very crucial since he has proved he can obstruct any projects or launch any, at his will.

Personally, he is high above all allegations and keeps a very clean image, which is very hard to find these days.  The CPM fully knows it cannot only bank on VS image to return to power and his age and heath will be really testing.  The much politicized-state and its voters will be keenly watching the developments and they will be casting their votes only after a comprehensive study.  So the selection of candidates is very crucial for the Left.  They will be compelled to keep away all the tainted ones, and priority will be given to “winnable” ones.  The accommodation of the returning cadres who left them due to factionalism and other reasons will be challenging for them to during the elections and even after the elections.  All these factors will decide the future of left not only in Kerala but also in the country itself.

                                                                                                                       Prathap MR


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