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Techies Celebrate back2work & xmas with a dance cover at technopark campus!

Working from home, away from the much dynamic Technopark campus was not just boring but monotonous for all of us, Covid being the culprit.Meanwhile, a bunch of Techies from Binary fountain – A Pressganey solution TVM decided to come out of the box and execute something delightful.

Sheena, Anuja, Ambika, Gowri Menon, Neethu Kuncheria, Aysha Sana,  Lekshmi S Suresh, Parvathy, and Divya Eastus from Binary Fountain on the occasion of their Xmas celebration decided to step foot back into the Technopark campus not to work but to portray the beauty of the campus with a Xmas dance cover. Featuring Thejaswini, Iconic water tank, TCS Road, Amphitheatre, and much more.

Everything was planned and executed within a week. In the era of online work, dance practice was also no exception. Met once at a colleague’s house to plan the entire cover song. Stin John and  Akhil Raj B K stepped in to help with the audio mixing. The last-minute dress hunt ended at Chamayam, Kowdiyar.

The shoot was done on December 4th Saturday. The man behind the lens was Niyaz Rafeec who was drenched in both rain and sweat from running behind the entire day but still managed to beautifully capture the entire dance video. No words will be enough to thank Vishnu Gopakumar who spent his entire day helping with the shoot and Minsa Anna John who was there at 6 am to help us with the Chattem Mundum draping.

Techies thanks to Mr. Sunil Kumar’s (Head – India Operations) unwavering support goes a long way; no talent goes unappreciated at Binary Fountain and he makes sure of it. The HR team especially Adhya Asok, Merin Shalin and Raghunanda Ramanna helped them with the planning and assisted in obtaining authorization to dance inside the campus from the appropriate authorities. their department managers, especially Rahul Venkitachalam and Abilash Moorthy and  Finance team mainly Brijesh Sukumaran, and team leads who encourage them to maintain a work-life balance.


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