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Quest Global Acquires Nest Software, Technopark

nest>> Nest Software, one of the oldest companies in Technopark, was acquired by QuEST Global, a world leader in diversified engineering solutions.

Started in April 1995 from Periyar building of Technopark, NeST Software is a premier engineering software services company servicing clients across US, Japan, Europe and India with more than 1900 employees.

This acquisition is a significant move for QuEST Global in its diversification strategy for 2020.

This acquisition will Strengthen the width and depth of engineering service offering to QuEST’s customers in terms of engineering software, embedded systems, mechanical systems and structures.

NeST Group Founder and Chairman Dr Javad Hassan says, “When NeST Group was planning to divest, we were looking for a potential consolidator who has a proven track record, market reputation, and engineering focus just as NeST. QuEST was the best fit. Together QuEST and NeST Software have significant growth opportunities. I wish both the QuEST and NeST teams continued success.”

“I am delighted with the acquisition of NeST Software by QuEST Global. The integration of two companies brings great opportunities for our customers and employees. Our expertise in engineering software and embedded systems complements QuEST’s capability. Both NeST and QuEST customers will greatly benefit from our combined capability,” adds NeST Software President, S Narayanan.

Commenting on the acquisition CEO Ajit Prabhu, QuEST Global said, “To emerge as the most trusted and long term engineering solutions providers for our customers, we are constantly on the lookout for assets with outstanding engineering capability. NeST Software has talented and experienced engineering software and embedded system engineers across various verticals. By integrating our talented engineering teams worldwide, we will be able to emerge as a top preferred engineering partner for our customers.”


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  1. Good. at least the employees will get a life now.