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Techies’ Election Survey 2019- Results Are Out!  The survey conducted among IT employees in Technopark is finally out!

Majority of IT employees said that they would cast vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Only 4.9 % said that they will not vote this time. Around 85 % said that they would take leave to cast vote. Around 98.5 % participants said that they have voters’ ID card. Only 42 % said that they shifted their constituency to Thiruvananthapuram.

Among politics, personality and performance of candidates, techies gave preference to performance, with 54.8 % favoring it. Politics is the choice of 27 % and personality 18 %. Around 56 % said that they believe in a particular political party. 94.6 % said that they won’t opt for NOTA this time.

IT employees preferred prime minister Narendra Modi to his opponent Rahul Gandhi as their choice of prime minister. Around 59 % participants chose Modi as their prime minister candidate while 31.1% opted for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Around 6.9 % voted for Tharoor as their PM candidate. In Trivandrum, techies prefers Kummanam with 58.3% against 33% for Sasi Tharoor

Results Are:

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