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child>>  Recently my news feed was spammed with a disturbing image of a cancer suffering kid in a green mask, stating “Please share so FB donates for her treatment”. Like seriously???  As if Mr.Zuckerberg is running some Non Profit Organisation and all he does while sitting in his swanky Facebook Headquarters at the U.S is count the number of likes and donate those $1 for every precious “like”.  So some pretentious angels of society decided to do their bit for these poor kids. How? By liking and sharing the pic!! Isn’t the absurdity palpable now?

I always dismissed it as faddists just spreading their brand of stupidity, but when I saw a couple of people I am actually acquainted with in real life do it, I was stunned.

Basically sharing and spreading somebody’s private hospital pictures is a very insensitive thing to do. Instead of going “awww…it’s so heartbreaking” the next time you see someone claim that sharing the picture or liking it will open your doors to heaven or save a dying child then think for a second on why FB would be tracking your every single move. Isn’t it a creepy thing if FB could actually access those photos you “like” especially when they are trying their level best to make Facebook an extra secure networking site. FB is not a charitable organisation to count the number of “likes” and transfer the money to the helpless kids’ bank accounts. This is nothing but the work of pranksters and hoax-mongerers trying to bring in traffic to useless fan pages and earn some moolah out of it.likefb

Pray for these sick kids if you so feel like or if you have the time and the expertise to help, find some time to be with them. If not, then find a legitimate charity that does help them and contribute towards their funds in a tangible manner or if none of the above is within your strata of doables the least you can do is IGNORE such pics instead of giving any credence to these hoaxes by “liking” them.

You see there are already many disturbing  issues prevailing in our lives, let’s not add to the misery by spamming people with disturbing images of dying babies…Not a cool sight to witness on your FB wall everyday!!!

Aparna Nair

AParna tpt


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  1. good articles. some idiots sharing this and sending whatsapp messages asking to share to 10 friends. I wonder why educated high level people also sending these kind of messages, pictures, and sharing through social media. And also note that, the the social media users to avoid sending bloody game invites is very boring

  2. Unique article. an eye opener too.