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We heard about this very unique startup from one of our techie friends, who successfully found a match and got married through It was on the exam day morning at the IIM Bangalore cafeteria that the “AHA” moment of kettiko happened. Jomy, along with his classmates Ruby and Sanoj, was discussing the latest rejection from the matrimonial application. Jomy’s attempts to find a match through various matrimony apps have been miserable failures. He kept strolling in the application searching for a match and would mostly end up over a coffee or with rejection or no response. Frustrated with back to back rejections, Jomy decided to give up and that is when Ruby interrupted “why don’t we match up using more data points?”. Well, that was the “AHA” moment. We discussed this with Ajin, who instantly liked the concept of introducing personality traits into match making, and joined the team.

The team behind

Even though there are lot of players in the matrimony and dating space, the profile discovery or matching based on user preferences and personality is either still early or suffers the same issues that every other interest based app has. It takes a long time to get a sense of the profile or preferences. The result is that user gets stuck in the endless cycle, trying to find interesting people. This led to our mission of helping people find meaningful relationships. After extensive research, we had to conclude that the entire model was flawed: swiping seemed to be an addictive game that did more to keep the members single than to help them find relationships. So we decided to embark on what became a one year journey to develop an entirely new service which would ditch swiping and traditional matching, and replace them with a way to help people meaningfully connect.

Another big challenge in this ecosystem is the ever increasing fake accounts preventing people from making their first move. What if the only way to set up an account was to verify an actual identity with Government approved identity card and AI, preventing fake accounts / cat-fishing, trolling and improving the overall experience?

Armed with rich experience in analytics, machine learning and statistical modeling, we realized that we could bring some of that learning to an application which could improve the way people connect, employing a set of personality questionnaires that are based on mutual interests. At the back end, kettiko has a Happiness Box, which is an algorithm that uses information from its users to arrive the compatibility score. It helps in identifying users with the same or similar interests or at times, different interests. It takes data from the depth of their personality, education, career, and, most importantly, their preferences. The more a person uses the application, the higher is the quality of his/her matches. That data only gets better as it learns from the interaction of the user with the application.

Kettiko is designed with top notch user interactions and profile building steps, allowing users to tell their story, rather than listing off their resume. We are encouraging people to have up to 4 photos and 4 short prompts. This will be a whole new experience for our users. Based on early signup trends, it appears that profile completion rates are extremely high! It is also evident that the process eliminates the fake profiles in the first go itself.

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