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International Women’s Day 2010: Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all

International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8. It is a day of celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. The theme of 2010 is Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all

We are in the midst of a great revolution in the history of women. The evidence is everywhere; the voice of women is increasingly heard in Parliament, courts and in the streets. While women in the West had to fight for over a century to get some of their basic rights, like the right to vote, the Constitution of India gave women equal rights with men from the beginning.

However, women still face job discrimination in the workplace of today.  From fashion accessories, to social expectations, from family needs, to a professional ambition, women face different challenges everyday.  Yet, is the work place really level?  Are women treated equally to men?

Advancement in the workplace is oftentimes hindered by artificial barriers or glass ceilings. While progress has been made in the workplace by women, the commitment and actions that lead to this progress must be maintained and enhanced.

If you feel that you or someone you know is facing discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, or retaliation at work, take a look at the resources we have on our websites,,,

Don’t allow worries and questions to keep you up at night..


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  1. Good article keep up the good job!

  2. Nice article. Though not an expert to comment, with no pun intended, just felt the transition to the topic of sexual harassment was abrupt.

    Since it’s time for celebration of freedom to women, let’s pledge our support to woman empowerment for a level playing field at work with dedication to people like Indra Nooyi, Kiran Majumdar Shaw and Chanda Kochhar…who have led the way and inspiring many to follow.


  3. Justin & Vincy - Sharjah

    Good article! Keep it up! However, the author’s name should be emphasized for sure. A commentary from anonymity is insignificant.

    Sexual harassment or advances within working environment is not a new matter. It has been happening everywhere all the time & is not only between the opposite sexes but also among the same sex.

    It is being noticed and brought into light nowadays which is a sign of audacity and valor of women, besides there is a vast awareness through media.

    It is very common to blame only the male members of the society for such acts which is absolutely ridiculous. One time instigate from a male will be ignored with a smile. May be the employee is bearing in mind not to make it an issue. But, a stringent word of warning or even a look is more than enough for a normal human being to cease from such activities further.

    Women on the other hand should not invite danger with her looks, her dress code & her gestures. She is inviting trouble for which she is the only one to be blamed.

    As long as human being do not change the attitude of rising higher at any cost & when their only intention is pleasure & money then the so called sexual harassment should be considered very normal but on the other hand women with a strong & firm character should not be submissive to such approaches.

  4. Good effort to reach out to many.

  5. In technopark, still we are facing many issues.

    1. secutiy – we are really scared to walk alone even inside the campus. one sunday, me and one of my friends were walking from bhavani to nila, and near by the TCS building, some guys stopped their car and told us to get in. we scared and speed up our walk, there were not a single security or any persons for help. they followed us till the front of nila. they were asking us our phone numbers and abusing us in local language.

    2. the road from technopark main gate to kazhakkuttam is also risky. many of my friends has some horrible experience when they walked there.

    3. auto riskahw charges – they are asking whatever they want. not according to the meter or any standards

    and i’m damn sure there would be more such difficulties are facing by the woman associates working in technopark. in this very particular day i’m inviting my friends to share their pain and frustrations here.

  6. Good effort for be the change

  7. Today, A lady IT professional working in Technopark, Trivandrum was molested at the bus stop today morning where she was waiting to catch her bus to Technopark.

    This incident happened at the Medical College bus stop in Trivandrum when this techie was waiting for the Volvo bus which goes to Technopark. The fact that this happened at broad daylight, at 9 in the morning and at a place where the Medical College Police Station is hardly 100 meters away, speaks volumes about the safety of our women on the roads. That this happened on the International Women’s Day when the Women’s Reservation Bill is set to be introduced in the Parliament shows the reality and the hardship, women face everyday.

    According to the techie, who does not want to be identified for obvious reasons, a middle aged man who got down from a bus started making comments. Initially she ignored him thinking he was drunk. But when he came towards her and tried to push her, she fought back giving him a good push and he fell down. Her specs broke in the scuffle. She then called 100 and they put her on hold for a good time before she could report the incident. After this she went to the Police Station which was just two or three buildings away.

    What appalled her was the attitude of the bystanders who were more concerned with the guy’s fall than what happened to her, “Not a single person came forward to help!” This 31 year old lady, who has been in the IT Industry for about 12 years, goes to Technopark usually in her own vehicle. The techie who takes the bus once in a while said, “It’s very difficult to travel in the ordinary bus because of the pushing and pinching that one has to face. I was planning to take the Volvo bus as it’s safer for women. But then, what had to happen, happened at the bus stop itself!”

    Meanwhile, this guy coolly took another bus and went off by the time the Police call party rushed to the spot after being informed by the control room.

    Binu Sankar, CEO of GTech (The Technopark Group of Companies) who came to know about this incident said, “We are concerned about the security of the female employees in Technopark. Trivandrum is loosing out on moral values. We are meeting up with police officials next month to discuss about the general security and we’ll also take up the security of the female employees of Technopark.”

    Though shaken and petrified by the incident, this lady dressed in a stiff cotton saree, went to her office by the next Volvo bus which came and today evening she will be participating in a quiz being organised by the ‘Network of Women’ in her office as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations!

    publised in keralaitnews

  8. What a pity? No woman is safe in our state. kerala is the worst place, i’d seen so far. i lived in almost all of the metros in india, including mumbai, bangalore and chennai, there people can travel at anytime with out any fear. but here in kerala it is not. especially in trivandrum. cochin is much better i think.

  9. Bus and bus stops are the places where womens are facing difficulties and problems. we have to respond in such incidents with the presence of mind then only we can put a stop for this.

  10. Nice article!

    About equal opportunities:
    The country law makers can’t pass a bill to reserve one third of all seats in Parliament and state legislatures for women. Its a very sorry state. We are very far from equality, at present we can’t even settle for one third…
    About Harassment:
    Take the example of buses….
    Kerala buses are nothing but crime scenes. It’s a pity to see people just watching the crime knowing well its happening to their sister, wife, mother, daughter or a friend. Yeah, God’s Own Country! But for women, it is just Hell!

  11. ivanmarkk okke nalla adi vechu kodukkanam. ladies should beat them first, then the other people will take it. but the problem is fear. most of the people won’t respond in such situations.

    Next time, try to respond, and give a nice slap to such bastards. and see how it goes.

    These kind of psychos are everywhere. in bus stands, bus stops, and in malls, markets even in roads. so beware of them and keep something like a small blade or knife with you. if anyone is disturbing or molesting, show them your true color. then nobody will dare to touch you sisters.

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  13. Justin - Sharjah


    All we were talking about hi-tech and professional women and their working environment. Harassment & teasing, in buses, bus-stations, streets, auto-rickshaws, cabs etc.

    During my many visits across Mumbai and Delhi, I too have seen many women, especially illicit mothers wandering through streets and highways with their newborn babies, but without any fear or escorts. Among them, of course educated and even graduated. They have nothing to lose further, but only a matter of surviving!

    Let us spare our few seconds for them, and think about their fate too during this World Women’s Day!! (so called??.

    Finished thinking?? Ok.. Start complaining…. and comparing…. which city is better? Cochin?, Trivandrum?, Kozhikode?, Mumbai? Bangalore?, Chennai?, Delhi?, Hyderabad?,……. go further

    Best regards

    [email protected]