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Haram: Techies’ short movie with a cause>> Movies have always influenced youngsters to take up specific lifestyles. Smoking is one of those lifestyles young people admired and fell for. These young guys are using the same media to bring about a big change in the life of smokers – Chain smokers and passive smokers to feel the difference through their short film titled ‘Haram’ – which means ‘Thrill ‘ in Malayalam.

The short film Haram remains a reflection of the fact that even though smoking becomes our best friend , he is a Brutus when it comes to killing our dreams ,happiness and even our lives. Baburaj Asariya –renowned , well received and awarded for his own style of documentary and direction of short films like Unsung heroes is bringing us another flavour and genre through Haram after his successful earlier releases like ‘Muscroft the saviours’ and ‘Voice of the voiceless’.

Baburaj Asariya

This short film which gives us a swift but deep glimpse to the darkest spaces of smoking and its ill effects, was produced by Prijin Alex and Suji S Nair. Haram depicts a story of struggle that we mere human beings take up in such a short life for pleasure and enjoyment , just to end up as a flower which withered before the spring – through talented artists like Shahin Sailaja,Suji S Nair, Prijin Alex, Divya Ullas, Master Aban Kuttan and Vishakh Karunakaran.


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