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FAYA:80: Machine Learning – Breaking the Myths & Hypes around session on July 7 (Thursday)

faya>> As organizations evolve and embrace technological advances, Machine Learning has become a key currency to gain an advantage over competitors and push business-success. With the big guns of technology like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook etc. ‘rethinking everything’ around Machine Learning, it has transformed the way we do business and is impacting most parts of our lives. Machine learning has given us self-driving cars, speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. It harnesses the power of Pattern Recognition coupled with Computational Learning theory in Artificial Intelligence. Using algorithms that iteratively learn from data, Machine Learning allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look.

Want to know more about Machine Learning?? Interested in getting the hints of incorporating it into daily business??

Join us at the latest edition of FAYA:80 and Break the Myths & Hypes around Machine Learning!!

Registration is free but seats are limited. Click the link below to register online.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Basic Learning Concepts
  • Supervised Learning vs Unsupervised Learning
  • Popular Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Scope & Limits of Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning – Is it Statistics in Disguise?
  • Re-engineering Business with Machine Learning.


  • Techbites (Speaker: Liju George)
  • Machine Learning – Breaking the Myths & Hypes around (Speaker: Praseed Pai)
  • Question Time: Discussion on the top question raised by the community.
  •  Submit your questions on the following form.

Date & Place

7th June 2016, Thursday – 5pm at Floor of Madness, FAYA.

The session will be led by Mr. Praseed Pai.  He is a well-known Software Architect working in UST Global. His areas of interest include Enterprise Software Development (using C#/.net/Java), Engineering Software Development (CAD/CAM/C++), Cross Platform C++ Development (Windows/Linux/Mac), Computer Graphics, Computational Finance and Domain specific Programming Languages. He is the author of SLANG open source compiler infrastructure for learning about compilers. Currently, he is co-authoring a book for Packt Publishing on .NET Design Patterns. He has taken about 200 presentations on various technology topics.

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