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FAYA:80 – Database Optimisation, A Dive into Query Optimizer>> Most of us interact with a Database enabled service of some kind or the other almost on a daily basis. This makes Database Management Systems inevitable in the modern world. With millions of data transactions taking place every second, even the most minor of changes can have a dramatic impact on performance, which makes Database Optimisation a very important aspect for the developers to understand.

Even if you have the most powerful hardware available running your Database Server, its performance can be negatively affected by a couple of wrong queries, which is where Optimisation comes into play.

The 53rd edition of FAYA:80 will be an opportunity for all- technology enthusiasts, web developers, testers and technical managers alike- to take a deeper look into the practice of Database Optimisation. Get the chance to use Query Optimizer as a case study and uncover its internals & best practices.

Topics Covered

  • Database Concepts

  • Storage, Indexes & Statistics

  • Query Optimizer & its Internals

  • Query Execution Plans


  • Techbites (Adarsh V. C., FAYA)

  • Database Optimisation –  A Dive into Query Optimizer (Krishnakumar S., Envestnet)

Date & Place

5 pm, 4th October, 2017 |  Floor of Madness, FAYA


Registration is free but seats are limited. Click the link below to register online.

Live URL

Seats are Limited. If you miss to confirm your entry for the event, catch it live on:


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