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[email protected]: 22nd Edition on March 4, 2015>>Are you a Mobile App Developer, Android Developer, iOS App Developer, Mac Application Developer or anyone in the same league? [email protected], the interactive session for tech enthusiasts,  has announced its next gathering on 4th of March, 2015which will discuss the topic “Get Faster With Swift”. The monthly event organised by Digital Brand Group (DBG) is a platform for technical enthusiasts to share and gain information on the latest in technology.

Swift is an object oriented programming language introduced by Apple in June 2014. It is meant for developing applications for iOS and OS X platforms like the iPhone, iPad and Apple computers.
Topic: Get Faster with Swift

Session will explore the new Swift programming language. At the end of this session you’ll walk away with a basic idea of how Swift will enhance your mobile app development efforts and learn how you can use Swift to deliver exceptional apps to your users.

Sessions :

  •         Techbites
  •         Get Faster with Swift
  •         Live Demo

Date & Place

March 4 2015 – 5pm at Floor of madness DBG.


How to use Swift in your iOS apps today.

Prereqs & Preparation:

  •     Basic knowledge in any object oriented languages.
  •     Experience in iOS development and Xcode will be an advantage

About [email protected]

[email protected] is a Rendezvous of enthusiasts from various companies in Technopark where  they discuss and share knowledge over a cup of Coffee at DBG’s ‘Floor of Madness’.

[email protected] encourages entrepreneurs, developers, and others organise real world informal hangouts to chat, network  and sharper their technical know how.

Got a question or a solution, want to speak or listen? See you at Floor of Madness!


Registration is free but seats are limited. Click below link to register online.

Live Broadcast URL


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  1. Very happy to see the success of a technology gathering and which happening every month. congrats and kudos to organizers and technoparktoday.