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Design problems in C-DAC’s New Facility in Technopark?

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) will soon expand its operations to a new Technopark facility.The building has been designed on the green building concept and will have state-of-the-art infrastructure required for carrying out research and development activities in emerging strategic and industrial high technology areas.The building is situated on the way from Nila to bhavani.

But the Techies says the building has a big disadvantage in its design. that is, the glasses put in front of the building is aligned in such a way that, it acts as a concave mirror, and it causes the sun beams to directly focusing to the bhavani building, especially the bhavani south floors,- 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. during the afternoon, the highly focused beams are falling in to the bhavani south floors, and causing many inconvenience like very high intensity of light as well as heat. It seems like a major design failure that needed to address very soon.




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  1. This is very true, the people can’t sit in bhavani south floors afternoon. the lights are penetrating through the glass windows, and its getting heated up.

    Wonder who did this design, without considering the very basic factor of light reflection. it exactly works like a concave lens, and i fear if it gets fire if it heats up constanly.

    Good finding..

  2. this is one of the biggest design mistakes, see the entire glass is formed like a concave mirror, and the rays falling in it will be concenrated in somewhere else, especially in bhavani. Why such a design? who made it and who approved it without considering the problems it may cause to the neighbouring buildings?

  3. What a funny design. what in this erath it represents? why they made such a design, any idea? i’d seen some of the designs in infopark and around but they are not like reflecting the lights in to nearby places, the angles are made in such a way that no reflections will happen.

    This is something like a ‘mandan’ design. focussing all the falling lights in to somewhere. omg! who approved this design?

  4. It is a real problem for the people working in bhavani building, especially seated in south block. the light is hitting directly in to the eyes and the intensity of the light is very very high, so that we need to apply extra layer of sunglass there. we don’t know the heat because the facility is air conditioned. please remove this thuglak model architecture, or at least the glassess.

  5. Why this foolish design. Who approved this design??. This is a real concern for techies working in Bhavani building, especially in 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, and now it became a hot discussion among us. What to do…where to complain?

  6. The whole world discussing how reduce the adverse effects of Global Warming, her this kind of useless glass structures overheating the earth, and its happening in the World’s largest GREENISH Technopark, what a contradictory craziness…!!!

  7. Praveen Sreenivas

    I wonder what the use of this glass work, wastage of space and money with a label ‘Green Building..!’ I think here money doesn’t matter as this is owned by public sector..who cares…!

  8. Anyone raised complaint to the Technopark authorities on this issue..?

  9. Green building? what kind of green building is this? it is constructed by using the same steel and concrete and glass. and the glass itself is positioned to make troubles to the nearby building. the building is getting heated up from 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM because of the lens effect, and how much power it needs to consume to cool it down?

    What kind of green concept here? Green buildings are not the buildings with green paint.

  10. very good observation and reporting. nobody noticed it yet?

  11. Who designed this building? this is a pure design blunder.

  12. Height of stupidity? what kind of green building is there? poor fellow are thinking like putting green tinted glass can make a building in to green.

    What a funny design? also look in to the pond infront. they could have avoid these two jokes and make it available for a big frontge so that many cars can come and drop people at the same time.

    Architectural blunder of this decade.

  13. Adv.Anu V.Nambalikkaran

    Did anyone consider Using Glass Security Laminates in the Bhavani Building…. It is know to prevent 99% UV rays and prevent the Geen House Effect….

    Anyone in Bhavani If Interested can Contact Rampart Services @ 04716455645. Try a sample room….

  14. Another TP Slave

    onathinidakku puttukachavadam!!

  15. @ Adv.Anu V.Nambalikkaran… I am one of those unfortunate techie who works in Bhavani. You want us to ask for UV coated glass windows in our floors to keep away from the heat which is caused by a stupid design done someone in adjacent building ? Come on my friend !!!
    Do you know during the last one half years how many times the builders of this CDAC building remade the whole glass structure to make to the current shape because of its curvy shape? No idea why they put so much effort to build up such a blunder. Moreover its facing towards Bhavani and from nowhere else we get a good view of this building, if they were wanting a good-looking building. After all this building is just going to accommodate their training facilities only.

  16. This is the biggest blunder building design i have ever seen. My salute to architect.

  17. Techies, whom suppose to be technological savvy, would have been think twice before making any comments on such a fabulous design.The upcoming building is a wonderful architectural creation and it does not make any concave surface, as it is not made by a single piece of glass. If you have seen it properly, it is made of many pieces of glasses joined together to look the present shape.Even though it look like a concave surface, but it is not .That make this structure marvelous
    Those who are commented about the shape may seen the dictionary once more and find the exact meaning of the concave surface.Those who are on line in discussion forum too not seems to be applied their mind before making such a comment.
    Please think about green building concept and avoid wasting your time on discussing such an irrelevant matter.Some of the inputs look like
    “Those who are objecting Mobile Towers with more than two cell phones in their pockets”!!!!!!!!!1

  18. Dear Shijas,

    We can understand your worry. from your comments it seems you may be that so called innovative architect or someone who is related to that ‘BLUNDER BUILDING’.

    Everybody having the common sense that – Those big concave shaped surace can be created only by the pieces of glass. not a single one piece of glass. man – you are so pathetic. blunders to support another blunder.

  19. Don’t you know that – that building is constructed without considering any of the norms, it placed in an edge and who knows it will be there after a very small landslide? leave it. Why the hell on this earth it made so artistic on the backside of Bhavani, since no direct front view is there in any of the possible front vision?

    and i’m a person who is working in a company in bhavani, and I’m experiencing that inconvenience of having strong beam of lights in our workplace from that so called innovative building.

    We would like to know, if the authorities are hearing it and is there any solution to not repeat anymore blunders from the – Innovative Architecture Green building.

  20. “The upcoming building is a wonderful architectural creation ” – Shijas

    hahahaha….. I can’t stop laughing….

  21. I am an Architecture student and had been there to the work site of C-Dac once.I didn’t feel the design issue as you guys describe now at that time……experienced the good space and positive land utilisation. If there is a design issue which is making problems and health issues to the Bhavani techies…..I would like to experience it……………..would you pls make an arrangement for it??????

  22. go to bhavani south floor during a sunny noon. and make arrangement by yourself.

  23. How can I enter into ur campus? ….as your blue cats are sooo strict and have 1000’s of questions????? really I want to make a study on it… analyse tha real situation!!!!

  24. Dear Shijas, please give us your mobile number. I shall call you at around 11.30-12.00 PM to visit Bhavani and feel the ‘concave’ mirror effect.

  25. its raining today. so there wont be the concave heating & lighting show today

  26. Many small pieces of glass do not make a concave surface is utter nonsense. To this same guy may I ask why small stretches of earth seem flat while the entire earth itself is spherical?
    This idiocy is the result of one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing. As typical as one guy who sits in a bay doesn’t know the name of the guy sitting next to him.
    I saw the concave surface while it was being built but never imagined it was to create this anomaly. The guy should get an IGNOBLE prize. 😀

  27. Do you know that in Japan they don’t really need air-cons in winter; but what forces them to use it is that the buildings are so close that the warm air thrown out of one building warms the next. So you need an air con to cool the warm air thrown by a neighboring air-con!

  28. @Bright,

    please stop your blah blah blah, and i will be shortly uploading the video in youtube and give the link. even today the people in bhavani south floors experiencing this concave mirror effect.

    I took some videos and i will update soon…

    and I think you are someone related to that stupid building, may be architect or his

  29. Adv.Anu V.Nambalikkaran

    29 comments…did anyone solve the problem?

    I suggested ‘Glass security laminates’…
    Someone said ‘ onathinide pootukachavadam’… very nice…
    ‘Any fool can criticize.. and most fools do!’
    I tried to offer a solution to the problem…. see what I get in response… this is the root of your problem. Just keep on complaining till NOTHING HAPPENDS…
    Take Some Responsibility…if you are affected OWN the problem & find a solution.
    Google it…Verify it…then criticize… Smarty!!

  30. Just like the difference in culture, religion, caste, color, etc., opinion, way of thinking and taste also differs. So we cannot say it as a root cause. Just ignore the offensive comments and face the criticisms and answer. If you win, that means there is something in your solution and people will surely accept. We cannot assume everybody to google it, so ‘educate them’ thats it.

  31. I’m seated in bhavani 4rth floor. and a high intense beam is coming in to bhavani floor, and you cant even look out on the south direction. It is a problem which needs an immediate fix.

  32. I came to Technopoark yesterday for an official meeting at bhavani building, I saw the controversial building. I felt really that as really a useless structure. I dont know their is any scientific things behind the concave structure ???

  33. There is no scientific things behind this stupid architecture. some stupid architecture did it and the authorities approved it without any review or consideration. the building is itself is in a very dangerous position. there is a big possibility of land sliding. it can be proven if you can bring some experts and verify.

  34. To all the the Bhawani 3/4/5th floor users who are affected by the light reflection, please complain to ur employers (top 2 in techpark) to install good quality filters like they are planning to use in their own campuses(sunban). The problem is happening becuase the old tp buildings had plain glasses with suncontrol films which do a shoddy job when direct sunlight hits them(They are less efficient). Hence you have the lobby to protect direct sunlight falling inside during the peak hours. For those times that was ok.
    Dont complain about the cdac using latest sun reflectors which are used all across the new buildings. Then next door neighbours of all such buldings should be complaining. While driving thru highway you may have experienced the same from other vehicles. That doesnt mean that you ask them to stop diriving.

  35. Aji,

    Thats the biggest excuse which I had every heard. You are just advising the existing companies to change their glasess..hhahaha… are you a dumbass?

    Old buildings, including the Bhavani is constructed with the excellent planning, and which is done by the most reputed company in the world – L&T.

    Still, Bhavani is the best building in the entire Technopark, even after almost a decade before it was built

  36. Adv.Anu V.Nambalikkaran

    No Need To Change Glass.

    Just Laminate It. With Cost effective, 2 Mil GSS Film. A Demo Of Similar Film. Watch Our Video.


  37. Don’t ask companies to cut their legs according to the size of foot wear.

    The problem is not just for the people sitting ‘inside’ building, but those who stand ‘outside’ … in the balcony also.

  38. I’m seated in Bhavani 4, south. and this is a very serious issue. in sunny days, the glare is affecting so badly us. I dont know why such a very stupid design for a building. there are many other buildings in technopark with full of glasess

    1. NeST building
    2.Leela Infopark
    4.Amster Building
    5.IBS Building

    But none of these buildings won’t cause any problems like this

  39. @jithesh

    agreed that L&T is built the bldng and they are good. But that doesnt mean that they havent chnaged all these years. bldng tech is changing just like IT. They are using better materials and technlg as and when they are available in market. check out the new tp buildings in construction. design is by hafeez and built by L&T. in developed countries many buildings(not very old) are retrofitted as per green stds so that money is saved & they can showoff their green credo’s.
    who is a dumbass? Those who say that i wont let my city to progress as i want to drive my 87 maruti(a very good jap make ) the way i used to drive .

    The sun ban glasses reflects the ir away and brings down the cooling load. Their are many ways by which it can be blocked from coming into the next buildings.

    And regarding this not happening in other similar buildings is because there is nobody in the path of the reflected light. I have experienced it in similar buildings. It is common sense that the energy has to be reflected somewhere as the glass is not absorbing , merely reflecting. In concrete a whole lot of it is absorbed & hence increases the cooling load.

  40. Aji, don’t be such a stupid. When you construct a new building, you have to consider the existing buildings and surroundings. You are saying like change the older buildings in such a way to protect them from the newly built stupid reflecting building. What a joke man?

    There is a proverb in malayalam like “Cheruppinu anusarichu kaalu murikkuka” – means your solution is just like cutting your feet according to the size of your newly bought shoes, instead of selecting a shoe which fits your feet.

    Wondering who is the innovative architect of the CDAC building, and who is approved it.

  41. CDAC – The blunder building in Technopark. Its heard that some AJIT Associates are the architects( and it seems the above comment was made by some AJI may be related to the AJITH AND ASSOCIATES ). so bad. wat their engineers are doing? is there any impact/feasibility study before constructing a building?

  42. This CDAC building has this glass so as to channel the rainwater into a pond which will replenish the ground water. As far as I know, there are a lot of similar green tech included in the CDAC building. I think the better solution would be to paste reflective film on the windows. That will anyways reduce cooling costs.

  43. good. making a concrete pond in front of a building means it would be green? there are so many other things they can consider to make every building green. the materials using in their building. how much natural light they allowed to enter? how the building is placed there so that plenty of air circulation will be there? the building is faced opposite to the direction of wind. and there is a big chance of land slide. lets see…