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BAWARCHI Food Outlet Closed by Food Safety Officers in Technopark!

bawrchi_technopark BAWARCHI food outlet in Tejaswini food court, Technopark closed after a quick inspection by food safety officers in Technopark last week. The inspection conducted due to the complaints about rotten prawns biriyani served by the restaurant to techies.

During the inspection, the team found some serious violations like, the food vendors added banned ajinomoto in chicken curry prepared for serving. The food safety team given notice for explanation to BAWARCHI outlet and for a week of time for giving the reason/explanation for further approvals for operation. The food safety inspector Bhooshudha along with her team CL Dileep, Jayakumar conducted the inspection in the food outlet.

Readers, please share your comments and feedback about the food outlets and quality of food served in technopark restuarants. 



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  1. We need to first question ourselves on the following,

    Why such adulterated / stale food is being served to the customers and all the more being prepared in an unhygienic environment ?
    How many of us question the food outlet authorities when plate , glass or for that matter the table or the wash hand basin is not to the standards ?

    We all are frequent visitors to the numerous ‘Thattu Chai’ corners around the city. Have we ever thought for a moment the hygienic condition of the glass in which we sip the tea or the filthy premise ( which is most often littered by us & the vendor )
    In short, we have certainly observed all the above factors in our day to day life & are well aware of it’s consequences to our health. But, it’s the common man’s attitude – Why Should ‘I’ be the one to point out. The only time we would raise our voice would be when it really affects us personally, like – food smelling stale or probably after having fallen prey to food poisoning !

    These kind of situations could have well been averted if only ‘WE’ reacted on a timely manner at each stage thus making the vendor aware that the customer is there to challenge him thus, forcing him to ensure & follow strict hygiene practices in daily food preparation & service.

    A fortnight ago I stopped at Kuravankonam junction to have a ‘chai & kadi’ . The place was bit crowded with customers from all walks of life & to my dismay everyone was happy sipping the hot chai & nibbling the kadi whilst one of the employee swept the garbage from the payment & pushed it towards the road side. None of the customers objected to this wrong doing ! This being a daily normal sight for us we ignore. Is this what we should be doing ? If all of us think and act on this wavelength then, who is responsible to get rid of this garbage ? Well, we all have a scape goat to blame – The local Corporation.

    I approached the cashier and asked him to get the garbage cleared immediately lest, will call the food safety officials. Just a simple sentence made him to react spontaneously & he got the garbage cleared in a gunny sack in no time. Each of us can do this , please do not shy away from these situations…. Well, then came the applaud & appreciation from those who were busy sipping the hot chai but, instead of accepting their appreciation for what I did, I had to give them my piece of mind as, they were just another onlooker before I stepped in. I’m sure at least few of them will positively react in such scenarios in the future. Like wise, I hope to pass the content of this message to all the readers and am sure we as a citizen can do small things to create a big impact in the society we live for our own betterment.

    Let’s Unite To Impact !

  2. I am sharing a quick thought here.

    There must be a complaint box, a daily food inspection mechanism at Technopark as thousands of people taking food everyday. I am sure Technopark can afford this also, FoodCourt at Tejwasini is operated by Technopark now.

    The shops found guilty shouldn’t be allowed to reopen at any cost. We should demand proper food inspection more frequently.