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RAKSHA – SMS based emergency assistance service from a Technopark firm

raksha-technopark, 2014): Elsys Intelligent Devices Pvt. Ltd, a Technopark TBIC incubatee company, released their product “Raksha”, an emergency identification and notification service for public beta testing.  The product was officially launched by Dr.K C Chandrasekharan Nair, Chief Finance Officer-Technopark & Secretary & Registrar- Technopark TBI

At present, there is no facility under which we can deal with an emergency. An integrated approach with disaster planning and preparedness is required to strengthen emergency care.  The first of its kind in India, “Raksha” is a personal safety service that instantly connects you with your safety network and authorities in an emergency. The service allows you to set up a safety net of family and friends who should be notified in the event of an emergency. The project aims to create a comprehensive and integrated system for effective emergency and health care needs.

A registered user will be given a unique identification code and this code is tagged to an online profile. This online profile captures necessary information for providing emergency assistance which includes personal information, blood type,medical information including existing conditions, allergies, medications, your doctor’s name and phone number, insurance details and policy number.

The Raksha products are available as stickers that users can attach to their personal accessories like hand bags, cell phones, helmets or as iron-on cloth patches. Customized personal jewelry like bracelets and rings can also be ordered with Raksha engraving. Anyone who spots a Raksha user in an emergency can SMS message the user’s Raksha code to the Raksha SMS hot line. The user is then identified by return SMS message and the user’s pre-programmed emergency contacts are informed of the emergency alert received.

Prasad Pillai, the company’s CEO and team expect that Raksha service will be quite useful for many demographics including senior citizens, children, women and to all those who are exposed to the risks of today’s busy life. The team plans to continue their beta testing and build a community of early users before their full product release by April 2014.

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