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AJWA – The special taste of malabari biriyani in Trivandrum If you want to taste the authentic malabari biriyani, there is one place nearby technopark, that’s AJWA.

AJWA is a biriyani specialist with many branches across kerala. in Trivandrum they have another branch nearby panavila road. How the ajwa biriyanis are special beacuse of the unique taste and aroma. also their biriyani doesn’t spicy, so that you can taste  the authentic taste without spoiling your taste buds.


Ajwa Biriyani nearby Technopark, Trivandrum

nearby technopark, they have a spacious building, and a little rush would be there during the lunch time. otherwise its normal crowd and you can enjoy the taste at your pace.

They offer normal biriyanis and special biriyanis, don’t forget to ask for sulaimani and taste their pickle and salad as well. they use pure  ghee and mineral water for preparing the food. in menu there are chicken biriyani, mutton biriyani, fish biriyani, vegetable biriyani etc, we recommend you have to try all varieties since it worth every penny you are spending. The secret behind their unique taste is perfect blend of meat rice and spice in the right propositions, and also it cook for a long time.

                                                    Ajwa Menu ( July 2017)

Also we recommend you to have your biriyani from there, take aways won’t taste fresh.Another highlight is their services are very fast, and they accept all type of cards Last but not least they are very consistent in their taste, because of the special recipie and way they prepare the biriyani. so next time if you want to taste some good biriyanis, this would be an ideal place to consider.


AJWA, Near Techno Park Main Gate, Pallinada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kazhakkoottam, Kerala 695582, India
Phone: +91 471 241 4242

AJWA, 114, Women’s College Panavila Road, Panavila, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695034, India
Phone: +91 471 233 1510

They offer doorstep delivery too ,for that you have to call them on the given numbers


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