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AI is your priority? Then You need an AI architect !

A good architecture is important for any system, in IT we have various architecture models and architects are in place to plan and build robust software systems, for exmple enterprise architects.

When it comes to AI, since its highly dynamic in nature a very robust and fool proof architecture is needed to build and scale systems. thus the role of an AI architect is very important in any organaisation with a focus on building AI backed products & systems.

In a research conducted by gartner, it says suring the year 2022 – 2023, half of the AI projects will struggle to move past the Proof of concept phase in to production. so the role of AI architect plays a vital role in deciding the destiny of your AI initiatives.

The primary responsibility of an AI architect is to define an AI strategy for your organisation. If you don’t have one in place, its the right time to make one. Then identify an architecture, create the workflow and choose the right tools to scale your operations.

AI architects should closely work with various teams within an organisation like enterprise architects, developers, data engineers etc to identify the possibilities of piloting the usecases, to choose the right technology stack to implement them.

AI architects should posess some key skilsets, both technical and functional to bridge the gap. Technically they should be able to understand and interpret the architecture of ML & deep learning components including in production. A good grip on advanced analytical tools and techniques like SAS, Python, TensorFlow etc. In the functional and non technical aspect, the program management skills are very important, since they are the glue layer between the tech team and leadership.

So every enterprise leadership, who are serious about their AI investments better hire an AI architect to build and scale your AI strategy.

Author Bio : Renjith RamachandranA digital technology leader with more than 15 years of relevant experience in designing enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies to startups. His expertise are in designing Enterprise Systems, Platform engineering, Product Development, Technology Leadership, Innovation management and Digital transformation.


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