Friday , 19 October 2018
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TidyCity – Working together,towards a clean city! is a voluntary association started by a group of concerned citizens in trivandrum.They are not clean-up experts, neither environmental specialists. They are here to promote the idea of a clean surrounding, a cleaner world, around us.

The motto of is to spread a message, an awareness about keeping our cities clean. More than often it happens that we take it for granted that public places would hold all the trash we threw out, that it was not up to us to find the right place to dump waste. So when we finish a banana, we throw the peel on the streets, when we finish a chewing gum, we dispose it right there, when we want to spit we don’t bother to find a bin. Its this mindset that we from tidycity are trying to change.  For when you grow up seeing these things, you are likely to take it as part of life – just like you don’t stop to wonder about the walls and roof of your house you see everyday. Its just there!

Though their campaign, tidycity is trying to bring it to the attention of the people that they are not doing their part. We are trying to remind them certain practices that we should all observe, but don’t – only because we just forgot about it. they are trying to convey a very important message – that every individual can make a difference! “What can one person do” – is the question most people ask. But what one person does can and will make a difference! is doing a great job. Let us join our hands together to support them and work towards a clean and tidy city!

visit their website and support them URL:


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  1. We welcome all techies to join hands with us for a better world.

  2. Very good initiative. We need more such organizations and people. Good work friends. keep going.

  3. Nice initiative. We should start at the lowest level. Clean your city first, place Bins in all locales and then think of fining people who throw garbage. Similarly, build roads first and then worry about industries. Just an example.

    Good work guys. More action and less talk.