Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Techies say – Use the Bus!

Time to cheer for Technoparkians! The new Volvo AC buses have started to rule our roads. Currently, there are 17 trips daily to EastFort, starting from Kaniyapuram at 0700, 0800, 0830, 0915, 1015, 1100, 1130, 1300, 1345, 1430, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1745, 1830, 1915, 2045. It reaches Technopark 5-10 minutes after leaving Kaniyapuram depot. KSRTC has not published the times buses reach Technopark from city (only starting times from Kovalam are published), but it is fair to estimate that it will reach Technopark 15-25 minutes before the above times. The route to the city is Kaniyapuram-Kazhakoottam-Main Gate-Park CentreKariavattom-Sreekariyam-Pongumood-Ulloor-Medical College-Kumarapuram-Kannamoola-Pattoor-General Hospital-Palayam-Statue-Overbridge-Eastfort-extends to Kovalam. You might notice that there is a trip to the city once every 45-60 minutes. This is with the 8 buses; once all 20 buses are in service, the frequency will be one bus to the city every 20-30 minutes, and will include points like KDPuram, Pattom, PMG and Vellayambalam. What’s more – 120 non-AC low-floor buses will also be put into service shortly, so a bus to city every 10 minutes wouldn’t be a distant dream. But we need to act…

I have company transport, why should I care?

Understand this – your company does not make any profit by providing you transportation, it is a loss and a bother to your company. Most companies charge around Rs.1000/- monthly as transportation cost. The Volvo costs you Rs.18/- for a trip to Ulloor. 18×22(working days)x2(trips daily) = Rs.792/- a month. That’s better than any contracted transport, and you can choose your own timing, and you pay-per-use only! Currently, KSRTC is studying journey patterns to analyze which is their most profitable route. The more we Technoparkians travel in Volvos, the more Volvos will be put in service to Technopark. Do travel in the buses once in a while. And once you are used to it, switch to this mode. Your company will thank you for it.

I have my own car/bike!

If you reside near the Volvo route, use the Volvo by all means. It is cheaper (than cars) and much easier getting here, and what’s more, you don’t need to bother about the parking space! Even if you need to walk a bit to reach a bus stop, it is better for your health. (Your treadmill is anyway idling in your home). No more cursing the traffic jam or wondering about when the next unruly biker/SUV is going to cut across your way. Use low-floor, not low-roof! Enjoy the city as you have never seen before, immerse in yourself or just chat away in the cool environs. Remember, the more we use it, the more services will be available for us.

“I would like to use the volvo buses instead of my car, because I can save some bucks monthly, also I can meet new people” , Sinu – A software professional said to

The bus

A very comfortable and pleasant ride. You don’t feel bumps or potholes, not even the “Japan” ones. Lots of space inside, and very friendly staff. FM radio on request!


For a change, the government has done its job. Its now time to do ours. Let us all join together in making this a grand success. We have been lampooned enough in the local media as cash-rich brats with little commitment to anything but ourselves. Shred the image and join to make our city a better place. Don’t add to the congestion and pollution, pull yourselves away from it. We do have a commitment – to this society, this nation and this planet. Use the bus, and spread the message. Jai Ho!

From To Fare
East Fort Palayam 10.00
East Fort Pattoor 10.00
East Fort Pettah 14.00
East Fort Chacka 14.00
East Fort All Saints 18.00
East Fort Sangumukham 18.00
East Fort AirPort 22.00
Thampanoor Vellayambalam 10.00
Thampanoor Sasthamangalam 14.00
Thampanoor Palayam, Airport 22.00
Sasthamangalam Airport 34.00
Thampanoor Airport 34.00
Palayam Airport 34.00
East fort Thiruvallam 10.00
East fort Kovalam 26.00
East fort Medical College 18.00
East fort Ulloor 18.00
East fort Kaniyapuram 38.00
Kovalam Kaniyapuram 60.00
East fort Kawadiyar 14.00
East fort Sasthamangalam 14.00

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  1. I agree!The only hope to make this service active is if we, the techies start using it for our daily commutation. I switched from my office cab to Volvo from yesterday evening right after I knew that the service has stops inside technopark. It will cost you 34 Rs for a trip from East fort to Technopark. Considering the comfort and pollution free commute this is worth in every sense. And above all, no more skipped breakfasts to catch the office cab! 😉 You have a bus every 40~50 minutes.

    Please note that, by using a public transport you are not only saving your own health, but a valuable contribution to a better, pollution free tomorrow!

  2. well said. we should use the volvo service and spread this word among all the technopark employees. actually its equally effective as our car pooling.

  3. Is this exclusively for technopark people? i saw some companies like infosys is using the ananthapuri express for the transportation. anyway it is really helpful to all. especially the timings are perfect. thanks for sharing the info.

  4. No Sharath, its for general public, only exception that the volvo services have stops inside technopark.

  5. lets spread this word to everyone in technopark, to make use of this facility and save your money as well as the enviornment. also good bye to overcharging and arrogant autowalas

  6. Hi guys,

    In bangalore they have provided more volvo buses, they have almost 350-400 Volvos for the city services itself. So, for reducing the traffic purpose they did the awareness to the IT Company staff’s for reduce the usage of private cars and bikes in the street for coming to office. Nowadays they have provided more volvo buses to the electronic city area, marthahalli ITPL area and almost all the areas which IT companies are located. The are running buses from all these localities to almost all the other residential areas of the city with cheaper rates. Minimun charge is Rs-5/- The fares go like 5,8,10,13,15………..

    And the staffs of the bus also really co-operative. they will stop the bus wherever u want. Lets wait for more buses to come to TVM and EKM Cities.

  7. Many techpark guys take the bypass route as is visible from the crowd at 6 . KSRTSC please consider services via Bypass as well.

    Also buses in fact run late except for the starting trips thanks to traffic jams in city. Hopefully situation will improve once more buses are put to service

  8. Peak hour (from city at 8:30-10AM, to city from 5-7PM) should have frequent buses, say one evry 15 minutes. It will be quite useful then, and people will be confident enough to switch over.
    Buses do run late now, if frequency is increased during peak hours, this problem wont be there

  9. I liked the way it is presented. kudozz editor!

  10. The service to TP today morning was full! 🙂

  11. The timings will stabilise only after the full fleet of Volvos is on the road, over the next few weeks. The good response to the service to Technopark will encourage the KSRTC to put keep adding to the route as more buses arrive.

    Since the buses are GPS enabled, I was wondering if one of the telecom-related firms in Technopark can take the initiative to combine GPS and GPRS technology and create electronic displays which indicate when the next bus is due and also possibly provide SMS-based alerts. What say?

  12. @Ajay, Its a fantastic idea! yeah it is possible, I think. lets think about that. There are companies like ARS software in Technopark, experts in these kind of technology and implementations.

    Lets take it forward, and any ARS guys around?

  13. Dr.m.sankaranarayanan

    It is a boon to trivandrum that KSRTC has introduced AC VOLVO BUSES. If they extend a few buses from pappanamcode to poojapura side especially during morning peak hours i.e. around 9.30 it will be useful for office goers, students and elders, who wont mind paying more. it is essential that the maintenance of this costly vehicles should be done with utmost care unlike other route buses. i request people from all walks of life to support govt. and reduce use of own cars and bikes.

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  15. Good concept, but unless regular, we cant opt out of company transport

  16. The median near back gate (just before the 90 degree turn to campus road) is being shortened so that buses can turn more easily. I think technopark authorities are really interested in this service.

  17. watz the rates to city from techpark? rates given have no technopark

  18. Let us spread this news to everyone in technopark. please forward this to your friends and colleagues. encourage them to use the volvo to travel to technopark. and if we need more service we can ask for the authorities.

    I think only the technopark community can help this mission to become success. other people may not use this service because the rates are lil bit high. also the drivers unions and paralell service people are against this. so it is our responsibility to make it in to a success. then we can demand more services in to technopark.

  19. Renji is right. ARS Software Engineering did a successful three months pilot for KSRTC during 2003 for tracking & reporting KSRTC’s city and long route buses. ARS used GPS/GPRS during that time with onboard displays and pushbutton alerts [to send notification and alters between drivers and control room]. Let’s hope ARS come up with a solution for local transportation as well.

  20. @lal
    Rs.10 tp-kaniyapuram
    Rs.10 tp-kariavattom
    Rs.18 tp-ulloor
    Rs.34 tp-eastfort

  21. hi guys

    here in bangalore the Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation was the first in the country to introduce intracity volvo buses way back in the fleet strength is around 500.they made use of the central govts JNNURM scheme promptly where as our dear party leaders were busy with whole lot of unnecessary stuff n controversies..according to the scheme there is provision for bringing out these buses and also provides funding to improve the facilities at bus stations in all cities…any way at last our state has got our share of these buses and hope they are maintained well and should try to procure more of these…all d best for ksrtc and happy journey!!

  22. Hi Trivandrumites

    Can’t wait though ..i will be in Trivandrum on 26th and so excited to use Volvo from Airport to East fort …

    Great going Trivandrum

    Triavandrum hai meri jaan….

  23. Good to hear that KSRTC has introduced the Volvo services for techies. As some one mentioned it will be fruitful only if the services are available with out much flaw during the peak hours.
    If the people are goin to use these services on a large scale, on a later point of time KSRTC may also reduce the fare… make use of it.. I am lookin forward to coming back to Technopark..

  24. Why can’t the KSRTC operate ordinary city buses in the same manner? Why do they want to fleece techies??????

  25. Logical Transport are next-generation providers of integrated passenger transport solutions, covering all aspects of Vehicle and Passenger Scheduling, Routing, Vehicle Tracking and Mobile Communications – allowing multiple transport services to collaborate and schedule together.
    Demand responsive transport

  26. Hi folks

    The travel experience is amazing in the AC volvo buses.Its worth the money. Thanks to KSRTC for introducing the new buses. May I request the KSRTC to route few buses through pattom to Technopark so that employees boarding from pattom , kesavadasapuram , etc etc can travel hassel free..

  27. Hi Guys,

    Indeed the volvo is cool. But I guess the timings are still not concrete.

    This is indeed a sensible move by our Government. Congratulations to them and thanks for these A/C buses.


  28. This is very nice initiative. the fares seems to be reasonable. This will also help to get rid of the autos from kariyavattom and kazhakootam which are charging more than double.
    For example, if we come from eastfort to technopark by ordinary bus, till kariyavattom, it will cost Rs 10. If i have to go till backgate from kariyavattom, they will charge around 20-25 for auto which totals up to 35 rupees. If you give 34 rupees in this bus, you can reach technopark comfortably.

  29. very true. we need more volvo bus services to technopark, through all the possible routes. KSRTC can work out for the best profitable routes in the city, and there is no doubt that Technopark is one of the best.

  30. Low floor buses stop only in main bus stops.It’s a problem.