Monday , 28 May 2018
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Some Parotta Facts..!>>Any eatery we go, we see pyramids of Parotta being made and sold, and we consume those without understanding  their devastating side effects on our health.

Porotta health problems

It is prepared with Maida and Oil/Ghee by beating the mixture into thin layers and later forming round bread with the thin layers.  The villain here is Maida.  Maida or in English known as White flour is created by removing the bran and germ from the wheat. This is then bleached with Benzoyl peroxide and softened using Alloxan. The chemical Alloxan that makes Maida clean plays the ugliest role in destroying ones pancreas paving the way the eater to become a diabetic patient.  Alloxan damages the Beta cells of pancreas lading to their death.  As these cells perish, the ability of our body to produce insulin diminishes and a type 2 diabetic patient is created.

Alloxan is the chemical used in lab animals to create disorder in order to do medical and pharmaceutical experiments on them. Tragically, many do not know the side effects of this and those who consume white flour products become the victims of the worst kind.

This has been discussed widely in developed countries and right-thinking doctors and health officials have been warning the general public about the dangers that will take place due to consumption of whit e flour products.  But pathetically, here in our state no official agencies have taken up this serious health issue in its right earnest leaving millions of consumers to their fate. Earlier Maida was nicknamed as “American mavu” and considered it as the most substandard item by many families.  Later when we got “globalised” with the rest of the world, many fast food items found their space on our dining tables.

Most fast food products we consume are made from white flour that contains deadly toxic chemicals.  In this  competitive world, where we have no time fill our kids Tiffin with nutritious food items, we fill those with fast food items that are easily available or commonly said as “readymade”  No wonder our kids are now competing with the kids of many western nations to be more obese and there by remain  chronically ill.  Globalization and economic liberalization may have brought a good amount of disposable income to our families, but it would be foolish to waste that on unhealthy food to do experiments on ours and kids’ health as well.

So far we know, nothing positive will emerge from official agencies to deal with this alarming situation.  It is fully left to us to live in the best possible manner.  Should we consume this poison and turn into diabetic and produce generations who survive only with the help of insulin syringes?  The market experts and economic pundits will have many solutions with them to cure us from diabetics or it related diseases, but is for us to decide and practice what to eat and how to live.  It is high time we had stopped consuming poison.  Next time, when we see Parotta being made somewhere, let us not leave the matter to our hungry stomachs, but let our brain and mind have the final word on it.

Prathap. MR

Senior Editor, TechnoparkToday


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  1. Not only parotta, most bakery items are made of Maida .It is really a killer flour Good article congrats

  2. Don’t know whether the facts have been checked. But a useful article on something that needs attention indeed. Kudos.

  3. Very informative, even the doctors says the porota is dangerous. one of my uncles is a doctor and he told me exactly same things like in this article. its history and the side effects of porota etc.. Why our people are becoming diabetic in early ages? because of the maida products incuding the daily consumption or porota.

    porota is good ofr the people working in roads, headload workers, or whoever works a lot, and it will be there in their stomach for a long time, but for others, it caused extra overhead for the stomach and body and eventually causing deceases and troubles.

    thanks for a wonderful article.

  4. exactly correct….very good article…

  5. After reading this article I checked many sites in google.Everywhere it says it is dangerous to take maida ) whiteflour.It is really a killer flour Thanks technopark today

  6. Parrot is my favourite food .Please dont defame ir

  7. An eye opening article. thanks technoparktoday. i checked google about it, and then only found that, the maida is this much dangerous. please keep post this kind of article more. thanks

  8. Selva_technoparK_madurai

    Yes technopark today is right.

    But having said this, one should note, in kerala, paraotta, is the only tasty and cheap food available. Malayalis, hardly know anything other paraotta and non vegeterian stuffs. So if you warn people against eating parotta, kerala will plunge into hungry.

    Parotta ( kerala or punjabi ) is good as tasty food, but worst as killer of health (especially when it consumed along with non-vegeterians stuffs) .

    In Tamil nadu, we eat tasty parotta with vegeterian curries.

  9. Malayalees (living in kerala ) cannot live without hartal, parotta with chicken/mutton/beaf curry and country liquor. Other things hardly matters.

  10. White flour or Maida is not only affecting Malyalis It is a global issue as many websites say

  11. Thanks for the information.

  12. Here it says that Alloxan is non lethal to human beta cells –

  13. Eating porota is harmful. because they are using excess oil and the maida is causing problems for your stomach.

  14. Alloxan is, however, toxic to the liver and the kidneys in high doses – so if you eat porota frequently, it will defenitely affect your kidney.

  15. If we shut down all the bakeries for atleast one month, the process of shutting down medical stores will start

  16. How of us are ready to stop eating maida based products

  17. Alloxan is not toxic to human beta cells – says wikipedia.

    I am not a fan of maida either, but that does not mean you can skew facts.

  18. You missed the part about benzoyl peroxide.

    Maida makers are supposed to used food grade benzoyl peroxide and then wash it off the flour, but we know how things work around here.

  19. neethun ssanthosh

    thank you for correct information regarding the porottra

  20. thanks for the correct information

  21. Shocking information. Porotta became the most commonly available food in kerala, and even children are eating it a lot, after reading this article only I realized the real danger behind it. thanks for publishing such articles with public interest. we have so many other things in our society, we are doing without knowing the actuals behind them. please put more effforts on putting them in to the light.

    Good efforts. thank you

  22. very true Vini I apprecite the article .It has really opened my eyes .I was a great eater of parotta. Now I stopped So far no views have come supporting parottta

  23. After reading this article I have given up eating parotta .Thanks a lot great work this is a real social issue

  24. As if Keralites are so concerned about their health!!
    The first thing they should do is to stop drinking if they are so concerned about their health. Malayalees are reputedly the largest consumer of alcohol and you will find serpentine queues in front of Beverage outlets almost on a daily basis. On weekends and hartal days, the less said the better! Campaigning should be done to prevent this evil rather than talking about Maida, Porotta etc., which is comparatively of lesser significance. Porotta is kerala’s pride and we have been relishing this for ages. The northern lobby together with International fast food brands wish to kill this popular bread of Kerala so that they can monopolize “Gods Own Country” with their products! Lets us not destroy our local brand for some simple and silly reasons and fall into their trap.