Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Performance Appraisal of UDF Government by Techies

>>After the successful will you vote Survey, we are back again with a new survey.

This time we are conducting “Performance Appraisal of UDF Government“, a survey on the performance of UDF Government, which is completing its first year.   A demand to conduct annual appraisal of government was came up from the “Will you vote” survey last year.

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  1. Really good concept.

  2. Please post the results as well 😉

  3. A misdirected initiative with an intent to politicise Technopark.

  4. +1 Shibu

    Politics have a proven history of ruining factories, colleagues and people. I would like to discourage each and every political activities inside Technopark.

  5. Technopark employees are common people and part of the existing society. then why we cant talk politics. @praveen, I think, whats wrong with expressing our opinion on current politics or criticizing any political parties. We are not broilers, we have our own opinion on everything related to our society. But I never support any trade union, strike or other dirty political dramas.

  6. Yes, Techies are are also the part of this society, we should also actively involve in to the matters of the place where we are the part of the society. if you keep your mouth shut, you won’t be get any priority.

    So being a good amount of educated people, we should openly express our views and criticisms about everything including the politics.

  7. Good move techies. the politicians should understand the real power of IT and the people working in IT industry. they are not the non responding morons. they are very active people with good thoughts and the power to act on social issues.

  8. My point is about politics “inside” Technopark. We should not open doors for political parties to Technopark. I don’t see any option to remove my previous comment, otherwise I could delete that ‘misunderstanding’ comment.

    Out side, we can have anything. Btw, I already completed my survey.

  9. Political parties wont get any upperhand in technopark. that is for sure. but whether or not a BIG question because the people in this sector is highly unorganized. so everybody is taking advantage on this community

  10. sooraj_technopark

    I strongly oppose this politically motivated performance appraisal. We are fed up of seeing every higher institutions/offices/organizations in kerala, getting “politicalized” and controlled by inefficient political leaders.

    Technopark is last of the institution to get politicalised.

  11. very innovative concept. there should be some feedback mechanisms from the people about a govt, in a certain period of time. thus the govt will get a feedback on how they are functioning and where they need more attention. good thoughts guys.keep it going. also dont forget to publish the results.