Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Fourth Dimension of ‘No time’

>>Has time become so precious these days that everybody has enough excuses to avoid one thing or another saying  ‘No time.”  Great inventions and discoveries have come into existence to make our life easier, so we get spare time to do something better.  Washing machines, computers, electric ovens, vehicles, etc. are so common and everybody utilizes one or another and saves a lot of time comparatively better than the days of our older generation.  Then what happens to the time saved so.  Where does it disappear? A parent has no time to spend with his kids, a teacher has no time give individual attention or correct each and every error, A house owner has no time to redress the complaints of his tenants, A vehicle owner has no time to check the vehicle’s tire pressure. Some have no time to look after their aged parents.  Strangely, some have no time to repair their watches or clocks; their time machines that control them.


Have all these machines made our lives more difficult by keeping us busy throughout? In some cases, it may look true. For example, if TV had not been invented, we would have got some time to visit our ailing friend or parents.  But, what to do? TV is a reality, we cannot avoid it as we avoid our parents! We spend hours at shopping malls, to buy our regular provisions which we can easily get at our neighboring shops at a cheaper rate .But if we do not go there and come out without big toxic plastic bags, our fellow beings may think we are far away from modernization!!! Many spring surprises by taking time to share everything through Facebook or other social media and you appreciate their generosity. But the same guy, you meet him at your work place has no time to smile at you.  Some all time mangers finishes their time by advising their subordinates on topics like how work is going to come from other planets ,and those poor mangers get no time to advise their kids.


Another group has no time do something since they keep on thinking to find ways to serve our society the way Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc. had done. You observe them at office or or at home, with great difficulty only you find them breathing. So seriously they sit and think. If their thoughts are higher than the thoughts of Plato or Chomsky, from where they will get time to ask you, ‘How are you?” Some spend hours at coffee shops over a cup of tea and oily things. These modern days, those beings cannot simply order what to eat. There is a procedure much alike to our parliament passing bills. First summon the waiter to get the menu.  Study it thoroughly as if it is another research paper. Finally order a cup of tea which does not need to be mentioned in the menu. Till tea comes, keep on gossiping. After tea it is a custom to gossip another hour or till the oil in the tongue gets dried. The same gossipers have no time to feed their children properly. They push down eatables down the mouths of kids screaming “I have no time to play with you’. Poor kid’s breakfast or lunch will be over in seconds and their stomachs should find time to fight out the food items gulped down.


Among all these the sect that has no time all are the people who have attached their mobile phones to their ears. They have to answer each and every call in detail. From about the rising price of gold, the Libyan crisis etc to the best hair dye available in the market. Conversations may last hours and hours. Some charge their batteries and talk simultaneously .We may think the speaker is undergoing any intravenous treatment.  Blah, Blah, Blah and in between these big “blahs” they remind the other listener about having no time to talk with his wife and kids.


Here lies the problem and solution. We spend less time on which we should spend more and we spend the best of our times on which we should spend the least. We should be able to dictate the time not vice versa. Find time to do thing which have values. Find time to spend with our kids and other members of our family, and they will surely remember the times we spent with them. Never say “No time.” Give a try. Our clock will get an extension from 24 hours to the hours we need, if we are sincere.

Prathap  M.R

Senior Editor, TechnoparkToday


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  1. very thought provoking one .Anyway I found to read this .I am also a no time person primarily because of my laziness

  2. Good stuff…really thought provoking

  3. Another good one.Good ideas presented here .I also feed my children in a hurry .Now let me see I can change it

  4. Very interesting one I found time to read it