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Technopark based startup to democratize the AI & ML capabilities to small businesses with their new platform.

Machine learning for small business

A technopark based startup company – IVA to democratize the power complex technologies like Artificial intelligence , machine learning & deep learning to common small to medium business users with their new platform named datacivet. their vision is to help the small businesses to rapidly make, operate and innovate to solve complex business problems and accelerate the discovery of new ideas

At present the AI / machine learning capabilities are not easy to achieve, especially for a small to medium business organization, because that require deep pockets, expertise in cutting edge technology & tools, AI & ML engineers, and lot of other infrastructure as well, for a SME maintaining such an environment may not feasible. In Datacivet, it take all those pain and responsibilities to help in accelerating the development of production-ready ML models with ease and efficiency. And is expected to have a dramatic impact on democratizing AI and making organizations more effective and efficient.

DataCivet makes it possible for organizations across industries, ranging from healthcare, financial markets, fintech, banking, public sector, retail, sports, manufacturing, etc, to leverage ML and AI technology. By automating most of the modeling tasks necessary to develop and deploy ML models, automated ML enables business users to implement machine learning solutions effortlessly.Since it is a cloud-based Machine Learning platform that allows users to input datasets to train an ML model. It makes it easier to build and use ML models in the real world by running systematic processes on raw data and selecting models that pull the most relevant information from the data.

In the application, to train an ML model, an ML algorithm and training data need to be provided.The data must contain the precise response called target. The learning algorithm tries to find patterns in the training data that maps the attributes of the input data to the target and generates an ML model that captures these patterns. These ML model-scan be used to get accurate predictions.



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