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Techies, Chase Your Civil Service Dream While Working!

Have you been awed by reel life heroes who act as collectors or commissioners? Have you felt that your job should make an impact in the world? If you have answered yes to these questions then do read on to find a good career fit for you.

Civil Services which included IAS/IPS is a career choice many of us has not seriously thought about despite having the required qualifications. Ashis Das who recently made the inspiring career shift from being a Fireman to an IAS officer also voices the same thought,  “Civil Services was not a career option for me ever. I opted for civil service to challenge myself, to get out of my comfort zone. It was a stretch goal.Seek something impossible and the efforts you put in will bring better standards was my guiding philosophy to attempt civil services”

One of the most cited reasons for not pursuing IAS dreams are lack of awareness, dearth of accessible guidance and non-availability of a program that lets you balance work and study. To fill this gap Fortune IAS Academy which has mentored more than 200 young aspirants including Ashis into the civil services is launching a fully online Working Professionals batch on September 7th. The classes are handled by expert faculty and timings are set conveniently from 7 pm to 9 pm in the evenings on weekdays and 6 pm to 8.30 pm on weekends. Moreover video recordings are available in case one misses any of the live online classes since time management is a primary challenge for working professionals.

“A proper study schedule and as such was not possible since being a fireman we cannot predict what will happen the next moment. So I simply accepted the situation and made plans for it. I focused on finishing content rather than a fixed hourly program. This helped me to come up with some innovative measures to complete the task” says Ashis Das when quizzed about this study schedule

 “It is good to have the support of a dedicated team like Fortune that can guide you on what to study and how to study so that no time is wasted” says Ashis in this video where he offers his guidance to working professionals pursuing civil service dreams

AshisDas(AIR 291) gives his tips for Working Professionals

“Making a study schedule was something I believed worked in my favour.”says YashniNagarajan, All India Rank 57 who cracked the exam while working as a manager in RBI. “I made it a point to put in 4 hours after work daily after work and often tried to read the newspapers during the lunch breaks in office. Weekends were mostly spent in Fortune reading room revising the portions completed over the week” continues Yashni about her Time Management techniques “The fact that I was financially secure definitely helped the cause. The way I saw it IAS would be a bonus from a good career from which I already had. The fact that I had a safety net was indeed a psychological help” saysYashni when asked about the advantages of being a working professional

YashniNagarajan gives her strategy to clear UPSC as a working professional

If you would like to know more about the exam process and required qualifications please download the free beginner’s handbook available at

For more details about the online course please visit or call 9495015888/8138940888. Watch this short video to know the inspirational journey of some of the toppers from Fortune IAS Academy.


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