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Rambo Circus to go Online during this Pandemic >> Rambo Circus, the biggest circus group in India, is trying to turn the corner by unveling its first digital show “Life is a Circus” – an ode to the greatest showmanship. They have been badly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic and now they have come up with this innovative solution.

Almost 30 artists are featured in this show that was filmmed in Airoli, Mumbai. Funny Clown Acts, Acrobats, Trapeze will be part of this online show.

The team claims that people would relive their childhood memories and this would be one of the best events for adults and kids to laugh and enjoy in spite of these difficult times due to Covid-19. The show will hit the screens today(Sept 25th) and tickets are available in BookMyShow, ticket prices are Rs.199(Single), Rs.399(Family) and Rs.599(Meet & Greet).

This virtual fundraiser is intended to raise awareness for the cause and benefit the Rambo Circus Staff & their families to come back during this Lockdown. All donations goes to BookASmile which will be further forwarded to the NGO Swaradhar and then handed over to Rambo Circus team.

They have plans to release their shows on OTT platforms in near future. Looking at the gradual shift of adopting new Technologies, Techies welcome this motive and has shown great interest in order to support those diverse entertainment artists.


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