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PhonePerfect – A Startup Provides Mobile Phone Service at Your Doorstep, 2017): What is the biggest pain point of a mobile user, when the mobile needs to be repaired? – To find a reliable service centre or service person, travel there and most of the times leave the phone there (most of the times) and get it fixed. Lot of things to worry in this process. Time, travel and the biggest worry above all – the data security! or potential dangers in leaving your very personal gadget somewhere!

As a solution, A Techie Stafan Alex and his team came up with an idea – PhonePerfect! – The first and only on-demand Mobile Phone service brand in Kerala which offers mobile phone service at customer’s home or office. He started this venture once he met with such a situation and found that many others are facing the same.

“Once, when my phone became faulty, I wanted an immediate fix, But when i approached the service centres in city, I found that none of them are offering the service as the way I expected, and they wanted me to leave phone there for a few days to fix. there were no guarantee for data, Thus I thought of a solution which can provide service to the customers wherever they want, and under their supervision to ensure the safety and transparency” Says Stafan Alex, the founder of PhonePerfect

Today, PhonePerfect is a start-up based out of Trivandrum with a growing customer base.

What are the benefits of PhonePerfect ?

  • Convenience : You don’t have to drive your car or ride bike to any traditional mobile phone service centers anymore.
  • Safety : You don’t have to worry about data breach or data theft from your mobile phone during service, as the technician repairs the phone right in front of you.
  • Speed : On an average the mobile phone service will take maximum of 20-30 minutes of your time once the PhonePerfect technician arrives at your location. You don’t have to end up waiting for days after you leave phone at traditional service centers for service.

How it works?

  1. Place service request at / WhatsApp, Call +91 8137 000837
  2. Get estimate for service from customer support staff
  3. Schedule a service appointment at your home / office
  4. Pay using cash after service

So, next time when you need to fix / service your mobile phone, reach out phone perfect, and avail a tension free secure and transparent service.

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