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Ishal – The Techies Shortfilm released in Youtube

Sudhi and Eshal meet in a land where its bonds of love and brotherhood are still haunted by its dark old days. What fate has in store for these young souls forms the plot of the movie., 2015): A year after the sweeping success of “Cappuccino”, the short movie that won over tens of thousands of viewers online, the team is now back with “Eshal”, their latest short-movie project. This time around, the team attempts to merge an experimental film-making approach with a bold and vivid theme of silver-screen scale, thereby offering viewers a good level of anticipation.

Set in a fictitious land where its bonds of love and brotherhood are still haunted by its dark old days, the tale is driven by Sudhi(the boy) and Eshal(the girl), and their love for each other. While Sudhi paints the picture of a calm and self-assured individual, Eshal is a dreamer who desires to be a writer. Raghavan, Sudhi’s brother, is a tormented soul who has to deal with severe conflicts between his own ideals.

“Eshal” comes to you from the proven hands of DOP-Director Nithin Nandakumar. Shot, Edited and Directed by Nithin(Infosys), the film has been written and co-directed by Unnee Udayakumar(Ex-Infoscion) based on a concept by Jacob Chethimattom. Starring “Cappuccino” leads Sarin Hrishikesan(UST) as “Sudhi” and and Minu Babu(Infosys) as “Eshal”, Narendran Sreekumar(D+H) portrays “Raghavan”. The soundtrack of Eshal has been written and composed by Unnee Udayakumar. Background Score is by Jackson Vijayan, and Sound Design by Praveen Sreenivasan.

The world of “Eshal” was opened to YouTube audience on February 14th, and has been heartily accepted as a Valentine Special by many, crossing over 2000 views the day of its release itself!

Watch the movie :-

youtube link –


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  1. Good work team. Promising visualization, direction, and casting. But the story line is weak and ordinary. All the best.