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Intel Compute Stick – Turn your TV in to computer

Intel compute stick - TV to computer device,2015):  Are you looking for a large computer with really ‘good’ screen and ease of use , just like watching your television? but now its even possible to convert your 40 inch television in to a powerful computer with windows / Linux operating system in a matter of 3 minutes.

Intel has launched a Compute Stick in India. Intel’s Compute stick will enable a user to transform a basic HDMI Tv or monitor into a fully functioning entry level computer. The Intel Compute Stick is based on the Intel Atom Quad-Core Processor, and will come in choice of a Windows 8.1 or Linux operating systems. Both devices come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for connectivity, and USB port a micro SD card slot for additional storage.

The Windows 8.1 version of the Compute Stick has 32GB storage and 2GB memory, while the Linux one comes pre-installed with Ubuntu 14.04 and includes 8GB storage, 1GB memory.

With this device, you can use your TV for more than just watching shows and movies. Transform your HDMI TV into a full computer and check emails or search the web. This Compute Stick also lets you develop digital signages, add intelligence to a conference room projector and deploy a room of thin clients.

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