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ICFOSS Organizes Two-Day Workshop on Robotics and Automation>> With the aim to spread awareness on the applications of Robotics and Automation in various sectors, International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) is organizing a two-day workshop on ‘Advances in Open Source Robotics’ from March 22-23, 2013 at Hotel Keys, Trivandrum. The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Raj Madhavan, Associate Research Scientist with the University of Maryland, US, and a guest researcher with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA in a combination of theory and hands-on components.

“Robotics and Automation is an area that is fast emerging, with numerous applications in industrial, military, domestic and personal domains. Usually this involves control mechanisms, sensors for feedback and information modeling/processing that provides the specific behavior of the robot. Open Source Robotics is a branch of robotics where the robots’ capabilities are made publicly available for study and extension, usually through making available the design, schematics and source code under an Open Source license.” Said ICFOSS Director Satish Babu.

“The workshop can be attended by students and open source robotics enthusiasts. Dr. Raj Madhavan shall take the participants through the components and functions along with hands-on projects and also introduce them to the emerging technologies in Robotics and Automation like self-driving cars, surgical robots, and factory automation.” He added.

Dr. Madhavan has a Ph.D. in Field Robotics from the University of Sydney, and ME (Research) in Systems Engineering from the Australian National University.

Those interested to participate in this workshop can contact Hasiya at +91 471 2700 012 or [email protected] for registrations. For details, please see:


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