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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Movie review>> ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ certainly has its attractions, but most of them are visual rather than narrative. The opening scene itself is enough to have your money worth.

Gunn (Director) should have concentrated bit more on the story side also which would have made this part bit more lovable.  But, while talking of our favorite characters, Rocket Raccoon and Groot will surely engage you with their witty one liners and performance and that’s how they stole my heart.

Something different when compared to the normal superheroes and that’s what make them lovable.  It is a different film from the first one – not necessarily better, but different, at least in the ways that matter, and sets it apart from the rest – its predecessor, other Marvel films, and the ones with superheroes flying in and out of them.

Underneath Vol. 2’s sarcastic exterior, Gunn’s script has few things pinpointing the characters’ insecurities and emotional scars.  Stallone in his cameo is a treat too.  ‘Guardians of Galaxy 2’ is actually bigger when compared to 1, but the narrative pulls it down from achieving greatness.

Still while looking into marvel projects this surely has a tier 1 place among others.  Do watch it.

By Vinod Nair


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