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Eco-friendly Coffee Cups Embedded With Seeds Grow into Trees When Thrown Away>> A California based creative company, Reduce, introducing a disposible paper coffee cup with seeds embedded in its walls.  It can be planted and grown for re-forestation.

Currently the product concept has been released through kickstarter campaign for funding.

“We have developed a post consumer paper based cup which will be able to extract over 1 ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere annually once planted.  We have taken those fibers from local recycling centers, which would usually be too rough to implement back into a packaging product, and created a cup that we are happy to truly name the most eco friendly disposable coffee cup.  If you decide to throw away and not plant, no problem.  The cup is compost certified and will be able to biodegrade within 180 days leaving the seeds and cup itself to turn into nutrients for other plants to enjoy” the team says in Kickstarter. 


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  1. That’s creativity! Excellent one!