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Break the Curfew: Fight against Gender discrimination in CET goes viral

cet>> Break the Curfew, the campaign by girl students of CET (College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram) against gender discrimination inn the campus is getting immense support from the society.

Girl students at CET, one of the premier technical institutes in the state, have to enter the hostel by 6.30 pm. This means that they are unable to make full use of the library, computers and internet, facilities in the physical education department and technical business incubation center.

“Teachers are reluctant to assign good projects to girls as they require more time and research, because they are well aware that we don’t have enough time to use the library. For instance, while assigning MTech theses, boys are usually assigned topics related to biomedical subjects as it demands more time to be spent at hospitals, but girls are given topics related to software. Girls are less preferred in team projects as we can’t go out to buy components or use international journals whenever required. We have to use these facilities during lunch time or between 4-6.30 pm,” a student said.

College authorities saying that the time restriction is due to safety matters. “Over 400 girl students study at the campus spread across 85 acres. We will be blamed if there is any security issue”, college officials said.

The students have opened a Facebook page ‘Break the curfew’ which has already attracted much attention. The campaign #BreakTheCurfew, #ResponsiblyFree is being debated by students across universities.

visit Break the curfew Facebook Page >>


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  1. But you should consider the security aspects also. and why hey took this kind of decisions. If you don’t know, i like to share some of those aspects – As we know CET campus is very wide and open, and there are not much security within the campus – also some of the boundaries are damaged and it is easy to get inside the campus by the outsiders.

    There were lot of incidents happened like the lovers within the campus misused the freedom by wandering in the lonely corners of campus to do some of their too personal affairs. if the hostel allows the girls to go out after 6 or 6.30 – and if something happened – who will take the responsibility? – then all these gender squads won’t be there, The authorities should answer to everyone.

    Girls in the hostel have all the time from 6.30 AM – 6.30 PM – to study, research, buy components and do other ‘research’ works. so please DO NOT support this kind of nonsenses.

  2. Good decision. as a parent of a student studing in CET, i support this decision. i think all the parents will support it. because we all are worried about the safety of our daughters when we send them for higher studies. hostels should poise such restrictions and that would be good for the students for sure.