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Barbecue Terrace- a 24 x 7 restaurant opening on Valentine’s Day with a sweet musical evening>>  Barbecue Terrace, a 24 x 7 restaurant is opening in the city, located at Vetturoad jn,  Kazhakootam, near to Technopark.  The 24-hour unique multi-cuisine restaurant culminates traditional Indian, oriental, and continental dishes.

The restaurant opens with a budget breakfast starting @ 4 a.m. and serving breakfast for a combo price including tea, being too soft on one’s pocket (it’s only 30 bucks!!..really..!!!).  At 10 a.m. the restaurant will open with their regular operations and at 2 p.m. they have specialty menu of barbecue, salads, sizzler’s and steak, which runs through to 4 a.m. the next day.  Yes…I’ts covering the 24 hours and really helpful for techies.

On February 14th – The evening brings together the love for meat, love for food and love for one another this Valentine ’s day.  Sing along with Jyothi and Brian for your valentine!!  Get Pavi Shankar ‘s (Premam Fame) live art.  Let the night slip into a beautiful melodious and love filled dinner with Sreejith and Ruben.. and of course some surprises awaiting you.

The management and staff invited all techies to Barbecue terrace.  Idea and concept of Barbecue terrace by Mithun JS.




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