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“A summer for a lifetime” summer camp at SportsHub by Vandrum Sports>> Vandrum Sports presents a unique summer camp this time at Sports Hub Trivandrum from March 25 to May 25.

The sole purpose of the camp is to bring out the best of natural skills and abilities, together with inculcating attitudes, qualities and perspective that will benefit children both in their academics and in their later lives.

Much deliberation has been put to make sure that the child involves in some kind of physical activity. This is an essential ground for children with interest in sports to master and practise more, the sport of their choice and use this holidays to elevate their levels of performance.

For those who do not consider themselves a sports person or haven’t tried it, this is an ample opportunity to get to know the basic rules and techniques and first feel of a wide variety of courses offered and choose two sport activities that they feel best suits their preferences.

Apart from this, developmental drama, Vedic mathematics, personality development and sessions on soft skills and life skills are provided so as to pave way for the holistic enrichment of the campers. Each topic addressed has a detailed plan with targeted outcomes and the best is done to assess the progress and impacts at each stage.

Another speciality of the program is special workshops that campers can choose to enrol for. Each workshop is executed by experts in their respective domains and would have a fixed number of sessions. The whole idea of a workshop would be to introduce the discipline to the kid through interactive, participative and utmost engaging sessions and impart a first-hand experience of it so as to let them identify their true interests and talents.

Seats are limited so book yours before it’s late..

Phone : 0471-4000960 E-mail : [email protected]

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