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A Lockdown Project by Techie Couple Adarsh Nair and Greeshma !

Adarsh Nair & Greeshma

During this lockdown period, A techie couple Adarsh Nair and Greeshma MR had a discussion about the crisis capitalization during COVID19 in the cyberspace. There are fake news, treatment scams and the endless panic inducing pieces of fake information sprouting from all corners of the internet.They decided to do something against it, eventually ended up in writing two books!

“Writing and publishing a book was in our minds and the lockdown period was apt times to explore such passions. Being new parents (with a 6-month old kid), if not for lockdown and family’s support, it would have been difficult. The 2 books were written and published in a period of two months.” Says Adarsh to TechnoparkToday

The Infodemic: Infomania, Social Engineering and the Pandemic – Break the Chain

The book is about Infomania or the continuous look out for information at the time of an emergency, which is utilized for capitalization in the cyberspace. There is a continuous outburst of information, that makes it difficult at times to swim through, by a normal user to find the truth.It has always peaked at a time of crisis, whether it be during the Ebola outbreak, Australian bushfires, Amazon rainforest wildfires or the current COVID-19. The hackers in cyberspace utilize such contexts to carry out social engineering attack campaigns. Cyber-attacks are mostly carried out by presenting users with fake news, click-bait contents etc. and social engineering techniques are used to trick the users. Social engineering is the key strategy behind most of the cyber attacks. Hackers exploit our continuous pursuit of information during a pandemic. The different social engineering strategies are described in detail in the book, with exclusive focus on COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Infodemic: Infomania, Social Engineering and the Pandemic – Break the Chain”. Amazon Link:

Dark Web Demystified: Into the Power of Anonymity

Dark Web has always remained a mystery to a majority of internet users, and many stories are associated with this part of the internet. Illegal is the term directly related to the Dark Web, better known as the playground of cybercriminals. Although illegal trade and associated activities form a significant portion of Dark Web, it is not true that only cybercrimes happen here. The underlying technology holds promising applications, which are explained in the book. Anonymity and Security are what is traded for data by big players on the internet, which Onion Services (by which Dark Web is implemented) provide to the highest level. The book contains all the technical details and is an excellent read for anyone wanting to know in-depth about this mysterious part of the internet one may fear to explore.

“Dark Web Demystified: Into the Power of Anonymity”  . Amazon Link:

About Adarsh and Greeshma

Adarsh is an Information Security and Cyber Safety professional, working with UST Global. His areas of expertise include Ethical Hacking, Information Security and Compliance. He is a speaker at various national and international conferences and has published various articles on Ransomware, Financial Frauds, Phishing, Social Engineering Attacks, and Dark Web. Facebook page:

Greeshma is an entrepreneur, author and freelance writer. She is the co-founder of Ecoloop 360, prior to which she was working with UST Global. She writes articles, poems and is an online content creator. She has an educational background in Information Technology. Her interest areas include the Interaction of Technology & Humans, Sustainable Development, Gender & Society. Facebook page:


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