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Mettle Networks enters Intel Winners’ Circle

Mettle Networks, Technopark-Trivandrum is named to the global list of Intel Winners Circle award in …


  1. at last he got the credit for his work. congratulations Anas.

  2. Thank you very much for all the prayers, support and comments.

  3. i like the design. it is different from technopark’s, but the text-color combination convey the underlying parenthood.
    also, the open arc conveys a satellite receiver as well as a half-crescent, which is apt for kozhikode (secularists excuse, i am talking of culture, not religion)

    good work, anas

  4. Congratz Anas K.A
    Finally you got the recognition for what you deserves..:)
    Anyway nice.. carry on…:)
    Best wishes…

  5. congrats Anaska. great design. its a moment of pride to technopark also.