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UST invests in Israeli SaaS Start-up Well-Beat

UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company has announced that it will strengthen its presence in the healthcare technology market with a strategic investment in Well-Beat, a pioneering Israeli start-up that adds a human touch to healthcare through patient-centered behavioral AI. The investment in Well-Beat is the latest example of UST accelerating the adoption of emerging tech solutions in healthcare and transforming lives through the power of technology.

By investing in Well-Beat, UST is helping to bring one of the success stories of the innovative Israel start-up tech ecosystem to a wider global market. Combining the size and scale of UST with the agility of Well-Beat, this strategic investment will put digital transformation to work for patients at a time when healthcare delivery systems are strained and intelligent patient engagement is increasingly critical.

“At UST, we work with academia, innovators and entrepreneurs from across the global start-up community to bring the very best transformational solutions to market. However, we only directly invest in less than one percent of our partnerships – those that represent the best of the best in emerging health tech. Well-Beat has earned its reputation as a successful innovator in the rapidly evolving HealthTech space, and we’re thrilled to offer a platform which empowers them to continue their groundbreaking work,” said Sunil Kanchi, Chief Information Officer & Chief Investment Officer, UST.

UST, together with Well-Beat, created a first-of-its-kind digital patient engagement Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that dynamically adapts to each individual patient over time, delivers personalized conversational guidelines to the clinician at the point of care, offers customized prompts that are shaped by the profile of each individual patient and helps deliver direct and indirect behaviorally guided motivational nudges to patients based on over 1,400 unique factors. Utilizing information gathered through medical records, connected devices and short patient surveys, Well-Beat’s technology dynamically adapts patient communication to provide intelligent interventions and highly customized experiences. Furthermore, this latest patient engagement solution designed in collaboration with UST is able to seamlessly operate within the existing health tech ecosystem of any healthcare delivery organization. This includes working with electronic health record (EHR) systems, public cloud providers, patient registries and existing wellness or care management applications.

Capable of operating without mandating changes to existing workflows or onboarding to a new platform, this dynamically personalized digital patient engagement solution is designed to help healthcare organizations achieve greater returns on their existing IT investments as well as achieve higher response rates and better engagement through their existing communication channels.
“As healthcare transitions outside the four walls of the hospital, the behavioral AI powered patient engagement solution that UST has built with Well-Beat enables healthcare organizations to effectively engage high-risk patients – resulting in improved care outcomes,” said Raj Gorla, Chief Executive Officer, UST ContineoHealth.

“Well-Beat is excited about strengthening our relationship with UST. The increased collaboration and ability to leverage UST’s vast experience and resources will help us continue to deliver personalized patient outreach,” said Ravit Ram Bar-Dea, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Well-Beat. “We feel that UST’s leadership and expertise across the entire healthcare technology ecosystem and continuum is tailor-made to complement our strengths as we look to bring new products to market.”


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