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Software Internship and IT Finishing School by M-Squared, Technopark

M2Training - IT Finishing>> M-Squared Training Center, a division of M-Squared Software and Services Pvt. Ltd, Technopark, has come forward with a unique blend of Software Training and IT Finishing School; something that has long escaped the attentions of many educational institutions nationwide that students have much more to learn than just theory and practical sessions in classroom mode alone.

With the advent of gadgets and devices brought on by fast growing advances in technology, some of the basic skills that were second nature to man has paled into the background.  Colleges/schools are chasing one another for more intakes and more revenue, parents are ever eager to see their wards complete their courses to finally add tittles to careers (very important in the marriage market that they do have them!); students themselves remain plainly focused on scoring well for their exams by meeting the university’s curriculum demands – even if it meant just somehow crossing that bridge!

IT and other Engineering graduates have flooded the market, and each one seems to fight a battle for space, a just reward for the years spent in a professional college. The little shocks of poorly written mails, bad resumes, terrible presentation of a subject, awkward body language, and inappropriate eye contact may sometimes be forgiven, but is this all ignorable every time at an HR interview?  They all count, with each rating spelling doom or left as a minus in soft copy form – never to be seen or known by the candidate.

Moulding of individuals into successful employees has unfortunately taken the long winding road of learning things small and big the hard way on the job!  After being subjected to much silly ridicule and sarcastic remarks by the immediate supervisors, they pick up pieces together to fashion their own success stories later, but is this the only way forward and is such time worth losing?  The answer is a very loud ‘NO’, and we can be smarter than the rest if we put our mind and effort to it with mentoring on what needs attention and preparing for what is to come.

Individuals can set an early impression, right from the interview stage to final selection and beyond, of what he or she is capable of, by a strong display of positive attitude, good etiquettes, basic courtesies, good written and oral communications skills, high confidence levels and most of all – a level headed approach to tasks given.

Your academic scores are quite easily forgotten after the first run through of the Curriculum Vitae, from where on everything about you actively more than passively matters in creating that feeling of employment readiness.  This is where M-Squared’s Software Internship Program and IT Finishing School will leverage your acquired skills and knowledge by giving it a sparkle of applicability. We fine tune your talents, trigger your skills, ignite your passion and build your confidence so that you are empowered to realize your full potential and remain ever-ready to exploit the opportunities this sector offers.

With over two decades of IT development and training experience, we know precisely what this industry is expecting from its employees. Prepare well so you can be better than the best!



The internship program will be in two phases; three months of classroom training and two months of project training.

  1. The topics covered will be Android, C#, ASP.Net, AJAX, MVC, JQuery, SQL Server.
  2. After three months of classroom training, trainees will be put on a live project.
  3. Evaluations will be done on a monthly basis to assess the performance of the trainees.
  4. Trainees with exceptional performance will be given placement in the company.


This is a one month program that covers training for the development of skills relevant to the IT industry, but also is generic in approach to suit all sectors.

Bridging the gap between predictable and desired skills!

  • Business Etiquette
  • Strong Public Speaking
  • Positive Attitude
  • Presentation Skills
  • Improved communication skills
  • Career Success
  • Industry Readiness

Getting you ready for…

  • Interviews
  • Group discussion
  • E-mail drafting
  • Client meetings
  • Web-based seminars


M Squared Software & Services (P) Ltd.

Technopark Campus, Kariyavattom PO

Trivandrum, Kerala 695581

Phone: 0471-4084000

Email: santhi[email protected]         

Mob: +91 9562083200



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