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Robotics Workshop & Training For School Students in Trivandrum, 2018):Robotics is the technology of the immediate present and the future and is tipped to be the technology engine that will drive the way our world functions for the next 20 to 30 years. Robotics have become the buzz word in the education ecosystem today, as it is proves as a superb tool for Activity Based Learning approach, not only of Robotics itself, but to strengthen the concepts is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

SDS Robotics, the pioneers in providing Robotics training for school children of Trivandrum, after a successful summer camp last year is launching their vacation camp of Robotics training for school students in Trivandrum from April 2nd 2018.

School children from 3rd standard to 10th standard can attend these sessions. Overall the courses are grouped into 3 levels based on the student’s current awareness and knowledge. Each level is delivered in 20 hours across 10 days. There are 5 streams starting with April 2nd and going all the way to May 21st and within each stream, there are three batches – morning afternoon and evening. The training is conducted from their office in Palayam near Jubilee Hospital.

For more details of the program and to register, please contact at 9895554159.


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